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I will admit I was pretty hesitant about Caribou Gear in two respects—first, spending more money on meat bags and two, I didn’t think I’d want to spend my day laundering used game bags.  I was wrong on both counts.  Not only is Caribou Gear worth every penny, but they clean up so quickly and easily. I will never be without them again.

Other hunters in camp used a combination of an unnamed outdoor retailer’s bags, as well as the el cheapo ones that resemble cheesecloth, and both looked absolutely disgusting after only a few hours. They either did not clean up or could not be used again, and most importantly, did not protect the meat near as well.

We used the Small Magnum Pack, which was ideal for the antelope and deer we were chasing.  They withstood bone-in quarters with ease, and while the flies congregated to the other hunters meshy packs, ours were well protected from elements, insects and the like.  You almost have to do it yourself to believe how easily these bags went from super bloody to pure white with a simple spray down with the hose.  In only a few hours, they were completely dry and ready for the next day’s hunt.  We made use of the included gloves, plastic and labeling tags as well.

Although the MSRP sounds high at $69.99, you get seven heavy-duty reusable meat bags, all with locking drawstrings and easy to spot reflective tabs in case you have to return for some of your meat later, all tucked in a nice exterior pack. The company offers plenty of kits for larger game as well.

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