A holster with a fan? Yes it’s real and it works! (VIDEO)

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Alien Gear brought their A-game to SHOT Show 2018 with the unveiling of their latest holster, the Dry Tuck IWB, in the Shape Shift line of holsters. This revolutionary product design, which includes an active cooling fan, has never been attempted before and I have to applaud Alien Gear for their ambition. Their follow through though is what deserves the standing ovation because this thing really works! Walking up to the booth I was a bit skeptical of what I perceived as a wacky new invention. Tom, CEO of Alien Gear, squashed that skepticism when he demonstrated its usefulness by misting my hand with water and then holding the holster to it. I instantly felt it’s cooling effects and was sold right there. It works the same way an air-conditioned car seat works, a fan forces air through tiny holes on the back of the holster to provide cooling.

As someone who sweats a lot and has tried dozens of holsters, and seen hundreds more designs, I was blown away by this new product from Alien Gear. With over 30 patents filed on the Shape Shift line of holsters Alien Gear has dedicated themselves to innovation in the holster market. This advancement, adding an active cooling unit vs passive cooling, is something that shows the company is dedicated to fixing a problem for people like me and people in warmer climates. They hope to have the new product for sale in the summer of 2018.

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