Examining the intersection between digital rights and gun rights (VIDEOS)

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In a discussion during SHOT Show, Karl from InRange TV and Deviant Ollam, the organizer of the DEF CON hacking conference shoot, talked to Guns.com about the blending of two cultures.

DEF CON, one of the largest hacker conferences in the world, has been going on every summer in Las Vegas since the 1990s and, while attended by everyone from the official side of the computer security world such as the NSA and FBI, there is also a wide range of both commercial and non-commercial attendees from businesses, educational and hobby sectors around the globe. While not a gun show– although the subject of smart guns and how to defeat them was explored in great detail last year– there is a DEF CON shoot.

We spoke above with Karl from InRange TV, and Dev, the organizer of the shoot, about both the event and how similar the support for gun rights and digital rights really is.

In the below video, Karl opines more on the crossroads between those two worlds.

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