Nosler adds to Reduced Drag Factor bullet lineup

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The Reduced Drag Factor lineup is getting new additions for 2018. (Photo: Nosler)

Ammunition maker Nosler expands its Reduced Drag Factor series, including new bullet calibers and weights to the RDF lineup.

New offerings for 2018 include: a 22cal 85-grain bullet with G1 Ballistic Coefficient of 0.498, a 6.5mm 130-grain bullet with G1 Ballistic Coefficient of 0.615, a 7mm 185-grain option and 30cal 210-grain model with BC verifications still in the works.

Created with the mission of offering high ballistic coefficient’s resulting in flat trajectories and the least amount of wind drift, the RDF line was meticulously engineered to meet the demands of shooters.

The RDF’s tight profile lends itself to a 40-percent average reduction in meplat size, so match shooters no longer have to point and trim tops to achieve increased ballistic efficiency. The hollow point product lineup boasts high BC with small, consistent meplats.

“Nosler’s meticulously optimized compound ogive, which bridges traditional tangent and secant bullet shapes, is insensitive to seating depth, allowing handloaders to seat bullets to magazine length with no loss of accuracy due to bullet jump,” the company said in a news release. “Also lending itself to the bullet’s sleek form factor is a long, drag reducing boat-tail, making the product optimal for long range efficiency.”

The new RDF offerings are currently available from Nosler with prices starting at around $30.

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