Velociraptor suppressed shorty AK nears completion (PHOTOS)

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Meaux says he wants the gun as close to perfect as he can get it before it leaves his shop. (Photos: Chris Eger/

Baton Rouge-based Aklys Defense is prepping their integrally suppressed AKSV Velociraptor project for regular production. The planned two-stamp Kalash is a suppressed short barreled rifle that is small enough to fit in a backpack with the stock folded and has become a more polished gun from what was exhibited just a few months ago.

As previously reported by, we have been following Joe Meaux’s Krink-sized AK SBR for a few months so of course, so of course we had to swing by the Aklys booth at the NRA Show in Dallas to get an update on how the work is going.

The 12-inch multi-stack chamber system sandwiched around a 9.3-inch barrel is the heart of the system.


The Velociraptor has progressed through a number of prototype phases and is nearing production

The good news is that they have been hard at work on many minor changes to the design and hope to get the perfected 7.62x39mm caliber gun in limited production later this year, likely by the Fall. Meaux said he wants the gun as close to perfect as he can get it before it leaves his shop. Price range is projected to be in the $4,800 range, plus stamps.

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