Taran Tactical introduces Sig Sauer P320 TTI+2 Base Pad

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The TTI+2 Base Pad adds color and functionality to the Sig Sauer P320 magazines. (Photo: Taran Tactical)

Taran Tactical debuted a new magazine base pad, the TTI+2 Base Pad, created for the Sig Sauer P320.

The Sig Sauer P320 TTI+2 Base Pad is compatible with Sig P320 and X5 17 and 21 round 9mm magazine bodies as well as 14- and 18-round .40 S&W magazine bodies. Using a patented push pin design, the base bad is easy to install and requires no specialty tools. Its one piece design prevents the loss of extra parts during disassembly while added weight helps the mag body drop free for faster reloads.

“This TTI SIG base pad, just like all of our base pads, is designed to give you the edge over your adversaries. We use our patented push pin design to lock the base pad to the magazine, which makes for easy field stripping and cleaning your magazines between stages. Just push down the pin, slide the base pad onto the magazine and push the pin up to lock the base pad onto the magazine,” Taran Tactical said in a statement. “The base pad itself is machined out of billet aluminum and is hard anodized to ensure durable long lasting color. All machining and manufacturing is done in the USA.”

It’s important to note that the +2 series of base pads is not available to California residents. MSRP on the Sig Sauer P320 TTI+2 Base Pad by Taran Tactical is $30.

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