More information on the new Grand Power Stribog pistol (VIDEOS)

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Named for the Slavic god of wind and storms, Grand Power’s new Stribog 9mm pistol complete with M-LoK rails and has a lot going on.

Announced earlier this month, the Striborg is nobody’s subcompact handgun, weighing in at over 5 pounds with an overall length of 14.74-inches but it does offer a Pic rail, an interface for a stabilizing brace and, naturally, a longer sight radius among other selling points. With that in mind, gun guru Rob Pincus and Castle Bravo’s Steve Rundall use one of these in an impromptu “Pistol Caliber Pistol Steel Challenge Competition” above.

With a lineage that started off as a select-fire subgun in Slovakia, Pincus was able to fire those slightly better equipped versions a little while back.

Followed by some reliability tests conducted by Grand Power.

And for more on the semi-auto civilian-legal pistol being imported to the states, Graham Baates has you covered with a 15-minute table top review, below.

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