SwitchBack S joins Thyrm flashlight accessory lineup

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The SwitchBack S was created to serve SureFire EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T users. (Photo: Thyrm)

Thyrm introduces a new flashlight accessory compatible with new SureFire flashlights, launching the SwitchBack S. The design builds upon Thyrm’s SwitchBack Backup, but now accommodates the SureFire EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T. The SwitchBack S also continues to work alongside most legacy E-Series backup flashlights.

The SwitchBack S gives users greater control over the flashlight. (Photo: Thyrm)

The SwitchBack S attaches between the tail-cap and flashlight body allowing users to more efficiently retain the light during reloads as well as malfunction clearing. Additionally, the retention ring is designed to help shooters index and deploy the light from pockets as well as pouches. Thyrm says users are able to use all low-light handling techniques including the Neck Index in addition to the Modified FBI and Harries methods.

“The SwitchBack S enhances your compact flashlight, optimizing ergonomics for searching and shooting,” Thyrm said in a press release.

Created and made in the U.S., the SwitchBack S is available for purchase through Thyrm and retails for $20.

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