ILA | Pennsylvania: House Votes to Protect Second Amendment with Emergency Powers Legislation

Pennsylvania is one step closer to joining the growing list of states which are protecting Second Amendment rights when a state of emergency is declared. 

On Wednesday, June 24, the House passed House Bill 1747 by Rep. Matthew Dowling on a vote of 127 to 74.  The bill prevents the Governor from suspending or limiting the sale, dispensing or transportation of firearms during a declared emergency.  It would also remove the carry prohibitions that exist with exemptions.

Governors across the country have declared states of emergency in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, bringing renewed attention to the broad powers being exercised by Executives. 

NRA has worked during this unprecedented public health crisis to ensure the constitutional rights of citizens are not infringed by fighting against gun store and range closures and combating overreaching executive authority. 

 House Bill 1747 is on the Senate calendar for next week and could receive a vote as early as Monday, June 29.  Please contact your State Senator and respectfully request that they vote in favor of HB 1747.

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