Galco Gunleather Expands Line of Belts Worthy of Everyday Carry

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Too often, the belt becomes the overlooked item in a good concealed carry setup. Firearm, ammo and holster, and now even optics, receive tremendous scrutiny. Then some folks throw it all on a cheap belt for their EDC. For those looking to upgrade, Galco Gunleather expanded its belt line recently.

Galco Belts for EDC

The line includes belts suitable for wear with more formal clothing, including suits or a blazer and dress pants. They feature solid-brass rectangular buckles for a classic look. Looking like a traditional dress belt, they support the weight of a defensive handgun. But these belts also fit the belt loops of most suit and dress pants, according to Galco.

Casual holster belts come in leather or nylon. More suited for jeans, chinos or other informal clothing, the belts feature a rounded, solid-brass buckle. Nylon belts feature a variety of buckles.

Galco belts also come in versions more suitable for IWB carry. Not quite as rigid as OWB designs, they still support the holster.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking what is arguably the most important part of your EDC system, the belt. Styles and prices vary, but with the recent line expansion, Galco should have a fit to please most any budget.

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