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N8 Tactical just announced the release of the company’s first all-Kydex holster. Dubbed the KO-1, the holster delivers customizable carry configurations for an IWB setup.

N8 KO-1 IWB Holster

The KO-1 comes as a one-piece design, featuring a Kydex pocket form-fitted to specific handgun models. The pockets’s slim design ensures minimal bulk and maximum concealment, according to N8.

The holster adjusts for both ride height and cant. Additionally, it also adjusts for retentions. The system allows the user to find the perfect tension for their draw style and feel.

N8 offers two different clip options for the KO-1. The low-ride clip places the mounting hardware well below the waist band/belt line. It allows for shirts to tuck inside the pants behind the clip. It also enables the handgun to seat deeper into the pants. The high-ride clip mounts at the top of the Kydex pocket. It positions the pistol higher on the torso, making it ideal for untucked carry.

An optional Mod-Wing mounts behind the clip, providing outward tension on the waist band/belt. It features a reduced-slip contact surface. The Mod-Wing positions the handgun grip closer to the torso, minimizing printing. It also enhances over stability for on-the-move carry, according to N8.

N8 KO-1 Fits

  • GLOCK 26/27,
  • GLOCK 19/19x/23; 43/43x
  • Sig 320 X Compact
  • Sig 365/365XL
  • S&W M&P 4.25″
  • Shield 9mm
  • Ruger LC9
  • 1911 5″ non-railed
  • Springfield Hellcat

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