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The handgun remains the most ubiquitous of all defensive weapon systems. Small, compact and highly portable, the platform most often meets most self-defense missions, from bedside table to deep concealment. But shooting a pistol also remains the most difficult skill to master. And nothing improves marksmanship like dedicated time on the range. The new Federal 9mm NATO ammunition provides a solid training option at an affordable price.

Federal 9mm NATO Ammo

Federal’s new 9mm NATO load comes loaded to military specifications. It features a military-quality 124-grain FMJ bullet. Federal loads it to more powerful, higher-velocity specifications. As such, it should run most any full-size semi-auto with plenty of juice.

Additional military specifications included its sealed case to ensure reliable ignition, cycling and ballistics. A better mouth and primer seal enables better storage as well. The round delivers a 1,260-fps muzzle velocity.

Good, quality training ammunition is imperative to getting on the range. So affordable ammo pays off big dividends. At around $22 per box, 9mm NATO should prove a good training partner.

Federal’s 9mm NATO Features

  • 124-grain FMJ
  • 1,260 fps muzzle velocity
  • Mouth and primer seal for better storage and more reliable function in all conditions
  • Staked primer
  • 9mm NATO spec brass
  • Built to NATO requirements
  • MSRP: $22.99, box of 50

Federal’s 9mm NATO retails for $22.99 per box of 50. For more information, visit

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