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Ultra compact pistols continue to gain massive popularity among concealed carriers. And why not, they’re smaller, lighter and more compact. So these new 9mm and 380 Auto semi-autos prove easier to conceal than ever before. Further, many now come optics-ready as well, delivering even more versatility and appeal. So the accessory market continues to evolve around this rapidly growing class of pistols. Enter the Uncle Mike’s Apparition.

Uncle Mike’s Apparition Holster

The Apparition comes in a dual IWB/OWB holster design. It fits the SIG Sauer P365/P365XL, GLOCK 48, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm/.380 Auto and Springfield Hellcat pistols.

The hallmark of this design is the ability to function as both a true inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband holster. The system offers the flexibility to adjust. Users can convert from IWB to OWB and back, all without tools.

Apparition holsters also feature an ambidextrous mounting system. It adjusts to style of carry and uses an adjustable retention system. Utilizing ultra-lightweight materials, the Apparition exhibits a sleek design.

For those that carry everyday, versatility is oftentimes a necessity. Weather, clothing, and daily plans can all greatly effect how we might carry. A dual holster system should prove useful. The Uncle Mike’s Apparition comes in black in a right-hand configuration. The holster retails for $29.95. For more information, visit unclemikes.com.

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