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When it comes to 1911s, they can be finicky. And a common culprit is often the magazine feeding the system. Now you can swap out your old magazines for new, better ones via the Ed Brown 1911 Magazine Exchange Program.

Ed Brown 1911 Magazine Exchange Program

The program gives shooters the opportunity to try out an Ed Brown 1911 mag. Users send in their old, busted up magazines. Then throw in $10 to $15, depending on model selected. In return, you get a shiny new Ed Brown 1911 magazine.

“Building custom handguns for over 50 years has taught us what it takes to make a quality magazine,” says Ed Brown Marketing Director John May. “With a patented steel follower, industry leading spring, and a stainless no-fail tube design, we’re confident our magazines will last you a lifetime and keep your 1911 running optimally.”

To get your mag, simply print out the exchange form. Choose between traditional stainless steel or Black Nitride mags. Select one of several special offers there as well, including cleaning gear and swag. Finally, mail in your most offensive 1911 mag, and you’re in business.

Ed Brown bills its magazines as best in class. The design features a patented follower built from heat-treated steel, an extended front skirt and anti-friction finish. So for a small free and an old mag dump, you get the chance to test out a magazine upgrade. For even more info, please visit edbrown.com.

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