Gordon, Buchanan Invite NRA to Relocate to Wyoming

Gun Rights

CHEYENNE — Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and Secretary of State Ed Buchanan have sent a letter to the National Rifle Association (NRA) inviting the NRA to explore relocation of its Virginia operation to Wyoming. 

The letter highlights the state’s business-friendly tax environment, Wyoming’s eager workforce and the population’s strong support for Second Amendment rights. 

Gordon is a lifetime member of the NRA and believes the right to bear arms is fundamental. Owning guns was part of a way of life growing up on his family ranch in Kaycee and remains so today, according to statement issued from his office today.

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Gordon signed multiple pieces of legislation in 2021 which reinforce existing firearms laws in Wyoming. He has also helped facilitate the relocation of several firearms manufacturing businesses to Wyoming.

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Buchanan is also an avid hunter, firearms enthusiast and longtime member of the NRA. 

“I received my first rifle on the ranch when I was age 12 and have had a great reverence for the Second Amendment ever since,” Buchanan said.

As a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives, Buchanan sponsored or supported several pieces of pro-Second Amendment legislation and voted in favor of legislation on the castle doctrine and the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act.  As the Secretary of State, he has also continued to recruit firearms and ammunition manufacturers to Wyoming.

“Wyoming citizens value our state’s customs, culture and  pro-second amendment laws,” Gordon said. “We will always protect personal freedoms, and those of businesses involved in the firearms industry. All of this, plus our great hunting and other outdoor opportunities, make Wyoming an ideal place for the National Rifle Association to consider home.” 

A copy of the letter is attached and may be found here.

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