HMPRESENTLY: Hey! Who Flouted?

Gun Rights

Politicians, some of them, seem to be suffering from… what should we call it?… maybe, ‘floutulence,’ if there’s such a word?

In the dictionary, ‘flouting something’ is disregarding or dismissing whatever that particular something might be.

Some of the Supreme Court justices, ignoring, apparently, the will of the people with their recent decision on abortion rights, might be suffering from floutulence.

In poll after poll, I think it’s 70 percent, or more, of the people polled, expressing their support for abortions, and women’s health, overall?

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But Roe v. Wade was struck down, anyway.

Could these be the signs of an increasingly concerning situation?

‘Floutulence’ might be on the rise, considering common sense gun safety proposals — which, like women’s health, are being dismissed — even though a majority of people seem to support gun safety measures, including members of the National Rifle Association (except, perhaps, a few folks in NRA leadership positions? And maybe the organization’s lobbyists?)

Could floutulence be the next pandemic? Clearly, some intense research might be in order.

Maybe there’s some dietary factor? Too much fiber? Fatty foods? Beans?

Whatever the root cause might be, shouldn’t someone be getting to the bottom of this?

Harvey Radin

Harvey Radin is former senior vice president in charge of corporate communications and media relations, Bank of America Western Region. He makes his home in Redwood City, CA.

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