Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum VS Watermelons

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My 8″ 2021 Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum demonstrates its hateful attitude toward watermelons!!!!!
First person to comment on “wasting” food will be awarded a scholarship to take a class in “Economics 101” at his or her local Community College. 🙂 NEWSFLASH! Regardless of what your oh-so-environmentally aware 4th grade teacher told you, what YOU or I do with five watermelons we’ve purchased from a bin of hundreds of watermelons does not cause anybody to die from WNDS (Watermelon Nutritional Deficiency Syndrome). We did not prevent those melons from going to anybody who is starving from a watermelon shortage! For your own sake, try to refrain from posting about starving people; you’re simply broadcasting your IGNORANCE. 🙂
Mainly, this video is a test video to uncover the “non-thinkers” among us. You know, those people who watch the many YouTube videos and various popular movies in which millions of dollars worth of cars, or whatever, are destroyed and think nothing about it. Literally millions of hungry people could be fed with what that destruction costs; however, non-thinking, emotion-driven people focus on 15 dollars worth of nutritionally worthless watermelons. Thirteen years of scanning comments has been very instructive; I’ve learned a great deal about my fellow humans and their analytical skills! 🙂
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