Letter: Pappas says ‘no’ to assault rifles

Gun Rights

Published: 9/23/2022 7:01:01 AM

Modified: 9/23/2022 7:00:23 AM

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Trump’s conservatives on the Supreme Court have it wrong when it comes to gun ownership. They erroneously choose to ignore that the Constitutional right to bear arms came into being in the context of raising militias for the common defense. Today, we have the military and law enforcement to carry out this function. Apparently, these jurists are only strict constructionists when it suits their ideological purposes. We need to elect representatives to Congress who will check the Court on this issue. The NRA has paid over $140 million to fight against gun safety measures, despite the countless mass shootings Americans have endured.

Congressman Chris Pappas has shown that public safety and protecting the lives of Americans must always be a top priority, which is why he helped pass the Protecting Our Kids Act, the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, and the Assault Weapons Ban. This legislation will protect communities across New Hampshire from needless gun violence. Congressman Pappas has taken steps to save lives and keep our communities safe while maintaining the culture of hunting and responsible gun ownership. There is no need to choose between preserving that tradition and passing reasonable gun safety measures that will allow us to live without fear of gun violence, including universal background checks and re-instituting the ban on the sale of assault weapons. Chris Pappas has consistently fought to keep our families and communities safe, and for that, he has earned my vote in November.

Dennis Vachon


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