Home Defense Battle Belt Set-Up – Improved Version 2.0

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A home defense belt lets you keep all your essential gear in one, easy to grab package you can snap around your waist in seconds just in case of an emergency. Because if you ever really NEED this stuff, you need it NOW! We are working to create a specific Survival On Purpose Home Defense Edition belt but, until then, here is exactly how to order the belt shown in this video.

1) Go to https://www.klikbelts.com/collections/1-75-duty-belts and click on the color belt you want.

2) Select your pant size (you will probably want to stick with your regular size here unless you want a gunslinger fit like a cowboy)

3) In the ‘Thickness of Webbing’ box, select ‘3 Ply Tactical Duty’

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4) Click ‘Add to cart’

5) When your belt shows up in the cart, click on the belt name to go back to the product page. (or just click the back arrow on your browser)

6) When you are back on the product page, look in the Product Description section and click on the link where it says “If you want Velcro added to this belt: Click here to add”

7) In the ‘Placement’ box, select ‘TAIL (TO KEEP TAIL TIGHT) and then click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button- **This is not absolutely necessary but it is a good idea since you will be hanging gear on here with no belt loops to help support everything.

8) Now go back to the “Velcro” page and, in the ‘Placement’ box, select ‘HOOK INSIDE (FOR OUTER BELT) and then click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button – **You are going to change this when you check out.

9) Now, on the Shopping Cart page there is a text box in the lower right corner. In this box type (or copy and paste) the following:

“Survival On Purpose Home Defense Option: Please line belt with LOOP Velcro and please include full length strip of hook velcro to secure accessories.”

10)Click the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button to complete your purchase. ** Don’t forget to the Discount Code ‘SOP15’ to save 15% **

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