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Gun Rights

TV ads distorting William’s views

To the Editor:

Watching local programming on TV, you cannot help but notice countless, expensive attack ads run against Central New York’s 22nd Congressional District candidate Brandon Williams. As a discerning and responsible voter in this congressional district, it makes me wonder why some faceless national PACs feel they need to distort facts to win support.

It appears that these PACs do not have much, if any, cogent, fact-based arguments to influence intelligent voters. Could this just be an effort to sway the increasing number of chronically uninformed or possibly less discerning members in this community?

One ad claims that Williams “wants to join Republicans in Washington who want to ban abortions nationwide without any exceptions.” Those who have been paying attention would know Williams does not favor a national law on the subject of abortion and he acknowledges the need for exceptions in case of rape, incest and in protecting the life of the mother. This is a matter for the individual states and their citizens to decide per the Constitution, not the federal government.

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Despite that fact, and that the Post-Standard ran a story documenting this some weeks ago, the distortions persist. This should make one consider the character of the opponent who we all know approves the ads despite disclaimers to the contrary. I have yet to see an ad from candidate Williams sink to this level of dishonesty.

Aggressive, honest citizens appear to be stepping up in response to the call to serve selflessly with integrity and fairness in Washington. They do not need to obfuscate facts in order to get elected. If you can find it in your hear, vote for honesty and integrity this Nov. 8.

Mark Balduzzi | LaFayette

CNY needs a moderate, not a firebrand

To the Editor:

I will enthusiastically vote for Francis Conole, the earnest, hardworking lifelong Central New York native. I believe Conole’s ideas and sound judgment align with Central New York. His opponent, multi-millionaire Brandon Williams, does not live in NY-22 and cannot vote for himself. We should not vote for him, either.

WRVO’s “Campbell Conversations” conducted an interview with Williams in August. Williams told WRVO he “certainly would not have supported” passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which became law in mid-August. The law establishes for the first time a cap for out-of-pocket costs for Medicare recipients and a $35 cap for a month’s supply of insulin. Passage enables Medicare to negotiate prices for high-cost drugs for the first time ever. We all eventually need medical care. Conole was supportive of this administration’s effort to provide relief to taxpayers. Williams was not.

Williams was similarly out of step with Central New York concerning the bipartisan effort to bring semiconductor manufacturing here. Williams opposed the bipartisan Chips Act of 2022. Within a month, Micron agreed to build a chip manufacturing plant here. Conole joined Katko and Gov. Kathy Hochul to support this. Williams lacked the vision.

Williams chided his primary opponent, calling him “Katko 2.0,” but we elected John Katko to Congress four times from this area. Central New York needs a moderate, like Conole, not a firebrand. I urge you to vote for Conole in early voting or on Election Day Nov. 8.

Michael Smith | Fayetteville

Conole will protect women’s right to abortion

To the Editor:

I’m a woman. Further I’m a woman with a daughter and four granddaughters. On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court decided that women in the United States had a fundamental right to choose whether to have an abortion or not. It was a matter of privacy guaranteed in the 14th Amendment which protected a pregnant woman’s decision. The government had no right to interfere in this basic human right.

I was 23 years old.

I remember well the bad old days when friends needed to visit the “back room” to undo an unwanted pregnancy. I had a friend who almost died when one of those unsanctioned operations failed. I’m sure the trauma from that continues.

However, now with the recent Supreme Court decision overturning this basic human right, the bad old days have returned. Just in time for my granddaughters’ generation to take up this fight again.

But I can do one thing which can help ensure the right to privacy for my granddaughters. I can vote. And my Congressional vote will be for Francis Conole. He stands unequivocally for a woman’s reproductive freedom. He says:

“I’ll always support a woman’s right to choose. This starts by codifying Roe v. Wade with federal legislation to ensure a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions is the law of the land.”

So when my granddaughters ask, “Grandma, what was it like when you were young,” I will tell them the reality of the bad old days and how voting is now their pathway to freedom.

Judith A. Jerome | Syracuse

I’m voting for our kids’ future

To the Editor:

Just like many of you, my whole family goes and votes together. We openly talk about which candidates we are voting for and why. My outrage about the Jan. 6 insurrection and the Uvalde school massacre in May will influence who I vote for this year.

My children are the same ages as the 19 students at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, who were massacred in their classroom by a young man radicalized into believing guns and violence bring legendary masculine glory. Uvalde broke my heart. MAGA Republicans continued their thoughts and prayers instead of standing up to their donors (I see you, NRA) and supporting common-sense laws that would keep kids out of body bags. Cowards!

For every time I’ve heard “there’s no difference between the political parties,” my response has been, “not a single Democrat attacked our democracy at the Jan. 6th Insurrection.” I’m voting to keep MAGA extremists like Brandon Williams and Lee Zeldin out of power.

All of our children deserve a future free from attacks on people, schools, and democracy. I know Francis Conole and Kathy Hochul share my outrage. Early voting is Oct. 29 through Nov.6, and Election Day is Nov. 8.

Sarah Reeske | Clinton

Why independents, Republicans should vote for Conole

To the Editor:

Francis Conole has defended our country and will defend American democracy. I urge independents and Republicans to vote for Conole, because the survival of the republic is more important than our policy choices. Without democracy, we are powerless to correct bad policy choices, incompetence and corruption.

Conole’s opponent, Brandon Williams, threatens our democracy by supporting Donald Trump. Trump became the first president in American history to defeat the peaceful transfer of power. Trump claimed, without any evidence, that the 2020 election was stolen, even after losing more than 50 court cases on the subject. He then used this lie to incite an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, which killed and injured numerous police officers and threatened the lives of Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress. Trump has continued his campaign to discredit American elections in hopes of stealing the 2024 election, stoking virulent harassment of officials of both parties who support respect for election results, like John Katko.

William’s support for Trump disqualifies him. If you want your children and grandchildren to inherit an intact democracy, vote for Conole.

David M. Driesen | DeWitt

Don’t listen to mayor; vote for Zeldin

To the Editor:

After reading about “Independent” Mayor Ben Walsh’s endorsement of candidate Francis Conole’s quest to be our representative in the 22nd Congressional District (”Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh, an independent, takes sides in CNY race for Congress,” Sept. 13, 2022), it came as no surprise that he endorsed Kathy Hochul’s candidacy for governor. In his endorsement, Walsh said Hochul always listened and delivered for Syracuse. Really? If Walsh calculated that Lee Zeldin was going to win, Zeldin probably would have been the recipient of his endorsement. Maybe not, as Zeldin wouldn’t pass Walsh’s “woke” test. What happens if Zeldin wins?

Other than the conversion of vacant buildings to residential housing, over the 20 years I’ve lived in Syracuse I have witnessed very little change. The only thing I see that Hochul has delivered to Syracuse is cashless bail, which accelerates the rate of crime. The election of Hochul will not benefit Syracuse. I laughed when I read Walsh was boasting that Micron Technology chose Syracuse because the CEO and others stayed at the downtown Marriott and visited the Salt City Market and Lemon Grass.

To the contrary, they should consider themselves fortunate that they weren’t mugged, carjacked or witness to a shooting during their visit. It is fantastic news that Micron chose Syracuse, and with the politicians tripping over themselves to take credit, do not be fooled that it was anything other than an unprecedented level of corporate welfare. Micron executives are laughing all the way to the bank. For real change, we need Lee Zeldin in Albany. We need real leadership in Syracuse. It’s time for people to feel safe and see real progress both in Syracuse and New York state.

Michael P. Russo | Syracuse

Lay immigration problem at Hochul’s feet

To the Editor:

Our governor continues to keep New York a sanctuary state yet complains about people seeking sanctuary. She now wants the federal government to come to her rescue. The fact that her “sanctuary” beliefs mock federal immigration law doesn’t seem to bother her. The person responsible for New York’s immigrant problem is Kathy Hochul. She sowed the seeds of our current dilemma with her short-sighted “sanctuary” policy.

I agree our current open border is a disgrace. The unchecked path into this country has been filled with drugs and criminals. Overdose deaths, murder and scores of other types of crime can be traced back to this disastrous policy.

But New York’s problem is minor compared to the border states. New York’s problem is also of our own making. “We” invited them, promised them and enticed them to come. It’s now time for Hochul to accept responsibility. Her policies are to blame. Don’t invite those you really don’t want.

Sanctuary is just one issue our state leadership has screwed up. Cashless bail is another example. Our bail system needed tweaks, not demolition. Helping immigrants who go through the legal process is as American as it gets. Inviting everybody with no boundaries is just plain stupid. Now both the residents of New York and the immigrants suffer because Hochul and her Democratic colleagues worried more about virtue signals and less about real people.

These drastic policy changes will always fail.

Alan Pack | Manlius

DeFrancisco: Shiroff will bring positive change to Albany

To the Editor:

My name is John DeFrancisco. You might remember me from my 26 years serving as state Senator for the 50th District. You may have even supported me during election years, and for that I am forever grateful. Someone else needs your support now, and her name is Rebecca Shiroff.

Shiroff is running to represent the 50th District in the New York state Senate, and she is the only candidate cut out for the job. She understands the plight of seniors in New York. She has seen how lawmakers take us for granted and spend little to no time considering our needs.

New Yorkers have serious issues these days. Many are on fixed incomes, and with the way prices are rising in New York, people are very worried. We are looking at nearly 40% increases in home energy costs this winter, groceries are already up almost 15% from last year, and the State Legislature continues to spend and spend from your pocket.

It’s time for change in Albany. I have seen the good and the bad New York has to offer over the years, and I’ll tell you one thing for sure: Rebecca Shiroff is the good! She will take your voice to Albany and make sure seniors in New York aren’t ignored any longer. She will fight for safe neighborhoods and an affordable New York. Central New York will always be at the top of her priority list.

Election Day is Nov. 8 and early voting starts Oct. 29. If you are unable to vote in person, be sure to vote by absentee ballot. Join me in supporting Rebecca Shiroff for State Senate this year.

John DeFrancisco |DeWitt

The writer is a retired New York state senator from the 50th District.

Mannion is a problem-solver

To the Editor:

I’m endorsing John Mannion for state Senate because he is a caring and compassionate individual who is suitable for Central New York. When I had difficulties applying for Covid relief from New York state, Mannion and his office were there for me. I saw immediate action and had a quick solution to my problem. My sincere thanks go out to Mannion, his aide Derrick Carr and his entire office. Mannion’s years as a union leader solving problems is a welcome plus to the New York state Senate.

Ray Trudell | Solvay

Support environmental rights: Vote ‘yes’ on Prop. 1

To the Editor:

Last year voters overwhelmingly approved the Environmental Rights amendment to the New York state Constitution, stating, “each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment.” This November, voters have the opportunity to support our environmental rights by voting yes on Proposal 1 — Environmental Bond Act.

The act provides financial support up to $4.2 billion over several decades to mitigate climate change, improve water infrastructure and air quality, support green building projects and more. These projects will benefit all people all across the state. Environmental Bond Act-supported projects are estimated to generate 100,000 jobs. The act also contains language that ensures that workers are paid at the prevailing wage for that region.

Passing the act allows for an investment in a positive, environmentally equitable, future for New York state. Climate Change Awareness and Action endorses a yes vote on Proposal 1 — Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act.

Yvonne Chu | President | Climate Change Awareness and Action | Syracuse


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