‘Naive fools’ may vote for Frisch

Gun Rights

Prior to my return to Grand Junction, I used to attend National Rifle Association board of directors meetings. One incident is relevant to Western Colorado voters: the resignation of John Dingle, the Democratic congressman from Michigan, from the NRA Board.

In the old days, there were Democratic politicians who supported the 2nd Amendment: John F. Kennedy and John Dingle to name two. Dingle’s tearful resignation was the result of his vote for Bill Clinton’s so-called Assault Weapons Ban. Dingle’s view of America and the 2nd Amendment wasn’t strong enough to stand up to his party. Dingle admitted his treason and resigned from the board.

Adam Frisch’s commercials say that he “supports the 2nd Amendment.” Even if that is true, and I doubt it, his opinions will not matter to his anti-gun, anti-American party.

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The same is true for the rest of his beliefs or credentials. The words “conservative businessman” almost caused me to choke on my beer. But suspending rational thought for a moment still won’t matter to the Democratic Party. Pro-energy, haha-haha. The only “energy” the Democrats like is the “green” kind, where they ship American “greenbacks” to their Chinese associates.

So either Frisch is one of the most outrageous liars I’ve seen in politics in the last few decades, or the most naive and incredible fool to make it onto a ballot. I’ll bet on the first and figure naive fools are the people who might vote for him.

Gene H. Dreher

Grand Junction

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