Garbage & Waste Disposal: Prepper School Vol. 47

Survival In The Wild
Why? Insects, Rodents, Disease, Odors, Attract attention
Community Action: Help neighbors use proper waste methods

Recycle metal, wood, anything of use
Burn: Heat, Cooking, disposal ( Wood, Paper, Clothing)
Food Waste: Composting (No Meat, Dairy, Oils, Toxic material, human waste)
Bury: Level ground, 200 ft rule House, gardens, water source
Food source Secure from Rodents/Insects

Human Waste:
Toilet : water source / Backflow valve
Camping Toilet
Bucket method: inner bag Liquid & Solid Waste separate
(Kitty Litter, sawdust, baking soda, lime)
Latrine: 2-3 Foot deep, 18″ wide Two Logs for sitting
Cat hole: dig 18″ hole and cover with dirt
Tube: 3-4″ PVC pipe, dig hole 3 ft hole, fill with rocks, cement pcs (cover Lid)

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