Stop Living in a Fantasy World! Prepper School Vol. 48

Survival In The Wild
Stop Living in a Fantasy World! Prepper School Vol. 48

Is SHTF Really Coming?
What are the chances of the an Apocalypse?
Will there be a Grid Down event?

Prepper’s are so Negative : Thoughts, Conversation, Perspective
Looking for Trouble : Gossip

Don’t Live in Fear: If you’re Gonna Die, Die with your Boots on!

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Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Real Threats? i.e. John Birch Society 1958
Be informed and take action but Life is a Gift

C-19 SHTF Light

Signs: Economy, Crime, Political Corruption, Green Initiative, Climate Change

What to do:
Essentials P.A.C.E.
Take Care of what you have (Don’t Hoard)
Excellence: Invest time into others

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