Ohio: Emergency Powers Passed, Headed to Governor DeWine’s Desk

Gun Rights

Last night, the House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 185, to guarantee that Second Amendment rights remain protected during emergencies, by a vote of 57 to 19 after it was amended into Senate Bill 16. The Senate concurred with the amended bill by a vote of 29 to 0. It will now go to Governor Mike DeWine’s desk for his signature.

Senate Bill 185 declares firearm possession, transportation, carrying, commerce, and training range access, as well as hunting and fishing, to be life sustaining, essential activities. Both local and state government authorities are prohibited from infringing upon these rights under the guise of a declared emergency, either on a local or state level. Further, the legislation provides legal recourse for people who experience unjust infringements on these essential rights.

NRA-ILA thanks bill sponsor Senator Tim Schaffer (R-20), Representative Scott Wiggam (R-1) and all the other lawmakers who sent this bill to Gov. DeWine’s desk. Also, NRA-ILA thanks the members and Second Amendment advocates who contacted their lawmakers asking them to support this important legislation.

Please stay tuned to www.nraila.org and your email inbox for further updates.

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