IL: Gun Control Package Hearing Set for Tuesday, Next Week

Gun Rights

Illinois lawmakers scheduled a third hearing on Tuesday, December 20, for their gun control package bill, falsely titled the “Protect Illinois Communities Act.”  House Bill 5855 bans many commonly used firearms Americans choose to defend themselves and their families with. Mark your calendars, your chance to oppose HB 5855 is this Tuesday, December 20th, located at the Michael A. Bilandic Building, 160 N La Salle St, Chicago, Il 60601 on the 6th floor in Suite C-600. Also, please use the link below to contact the Committee Members urging them to oppose HB 5855.

HB 5855:

  1. Bans the sale and possession of semi-automatic, centerfire, magazine-fed rifles. This includes all AR/AK pattern rifles and pistols.  HB 5855, also, includes a provision for the registration of existing rifles.
  2. Bans magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
  3. Bans 18 – 20 years old from obtaining a state Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card.
  4. Bans .50 BMG rifles and ammunition.
  5. Expands the State’s firearm restraining order by increasing it from 6 to 12 months.
  6. Severely restricts hunting for anyone under 21.

Please encourage family, friends, and Second Amendment Supporters to take action and attend the hearing.

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