Chief AJ’s HFX Slingshot – REVIEW – Ep. 4 – Grizzly Bear Killing Survival / Hunting Sling Bow

Survival Tips
Yep! It’s Killed a Grizzly Bear! What is it? Well… it’s the Rock Solid – Chief AJ’s HFX Slingshot / Sling Bow. Is the HFX THE Best Hunting / Survival Sling Bow for Arrows and Shot? Survival Sling Bow Wars – Ep. 4 – Is Cheif AJ’s HFX Sling Bow better than Dave Canterbury’s Pocket Hunter Slingshot, THE Survival SlingShot and the Pocket Preditor Slingshot? In Episode #4 of this 5 Part Series Chief AJ’s Sling Bow is on Trial. Is it the Best? Find Out…

Here are LINKS to ALL 5 Episodes:
Ep. 1 – Pathfinder Pocket Hunter:
Ep. 2 – Pocket Preditor SERE:
Ep. 3 – THE Survival Slingshot:
Ep. 4 – Chief AJ’s HFX Slingbow:
Ep. 5 – BEST Sling Shot Chose:


Here’s a LIST of ALL the GEAR Shown in this Episode:

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David’s Arrow Release / Trigger:

Chief AJ’s HFX Hunting Fishing Sling Bow:

The Survival Slingshot:

Pathfinder / Marksman Pocket Hunter:

Pocket Predator SERE Slingshot:

Chief AJ’s HFX Hunting Fishing Sling Bow:

BIG Archery Targets (Field Points Only):

BIG Black 20″ Block Target (Field Points, Broadheads & Expendables):

.38 Caliber Steel Shot (BULK / 500 qty.):

Steel Animal Knock Down Targets:

Shooting Glasses:

Ammo Pouch:


Want to GET Started Making Your Own – PRO Quality YouTube Videos?

Here’s the AUDIO and VIDEO Gear that David and the Team Use to Shoot Ultimate Survival Tips Videos:


MORE Great UST Videos:

Survival Food – Hunting – Cook Kit:

ApocaBox Survival Kit:

Field Sharpening Made Easy:

Ultimate Paracord Belt:

NEW! Survival Saw Showdown:

NEW! Survival Bug Out Water Kit:

NEW! UST Trailer – You’ll Like This!!! Trust Me…

Best Military / Tactical Survival Kit?

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack – Commando 60 Review:


Cool SHOT Show Videos:

Ultimate Survival Shotgun:

Nite Ize Gear Management Systems:

SOG Survival Tomahawk:

Leatherman Signal – Survival Multi-Tool:

Edge Maker – Best Quick Knife Sharpening Tool:

iScope Smartphone Scope Adapter for Shooting Hunting / Video:

Gerber Strong Arm – Next Gen LMF II / Prodigy Knife:


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