2 in 1 Military Bivy System – Russian Ratnik Tunnel Tent Bivy – First Look

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Luke is here today to take a look at an interesting piece of military surplus, this time from Russia! This is the Russian Ratnik Tunnel Tent Bivy and the first look begins now!

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Russian Ratnik Bivy (Tunnel Tent) – First Look

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What it is : This is a Russian Military shelter that is currently in use with special forces units.

Agenda Free Link : www.ebay.com
Where to Purchase : ebay is going to be the best source of Russian military surplus – I tried to purchase directly from a popular Russian military provider and the sale declined due to recent international restrictions. With all that is taking place with the Ukraine purchasing from outside sources may be difficult.

Camos :
These can be found in a number of camo patterns with the most modern being the EMR (Digital Flora)

Materials :
Made of Ripstop polyester reinforced fabric with polyurethane coating.
Aluminum Poles

Weight :
Full kit : 4.76lbs
Bivy and Poles : 3.1lbs
Weight of Snow Cover : 1.6lbs

Dimensions stored :
14” long x 8” wide

Dimensions Setup :
82” long
27” wide at the head
32” Wide at the shoulders
24” Wide at the bottom
18” tall at the head

Features :
Russian EMR Digitlal Flora Camo
2x Aluminum poles
Storm flap over zipper
Velcro on storm flap
Can be staked at bottom and at top vent
Mesh top pocketed
Mesh vent on the back
Bug mesh for drier conditions
Comes with a white snow cove
Taped seams

Additional Information :
Often referred to as the Russian Ratnik Tunnel tent
Developed for the Russian Special Forces

Some companies have copied this design; one that comes to mind is the Snugpak Ionosphere; that is a very close copy, CIVILIAN copy.

All seams are taped and it is claimed that it is waterproof.

Tips :
Add a few tent stakes for a better setup
Can be setup more like a tent if you empty your pack and put i at the bottom of the bivy
Using a stick or small pole will allow for more support in the middle to get the material off of your body and your sleep system – that will help with condensation and moisture
Tie some cordage to the head vent tab so it can be easily pulled out for better airflow.
If there is a chance of being in the rain, I would recommend bringing a tarp – that way you can get in and out without everything getting wet on the inside.

Thoughts :
Quality : I didn’t know what to expect with this shelter but I can say that I am very impressed. I don’t see anything that stands out to me as an issue or problem. The seams and stitching looks excellent. The materials are strong and are impressive.

Setup : Exceptionally fast and easy.

Weight : The entire kit weighs a fair bit but if you can go without the snow cover, you can drop over 1.5lbs and that makes this more of a realistic bivy to carry.

Value : I picked this up for a Russian military overnight adventure that I plan to do in the future and I’m very impressed. I purchased it from eBay, it is new and I paid $85 for it and that included free shipping. Copies of this bivy tend to be much more expensive; generally over $150.
Going Into Testing :

This is a preview of this bivy and I’m putting this up so that it can be on your radar; I am going to be putting this to the test and I am interested to see how well it performs especially in wet conditions.

Stay tuned to the channel as I will have more to come including other Russian Military gear. …
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