North Dakota: House Voting on Gun Bills Today, Contact Your Representative!

Gun Rights

The North Dakota House will be voting on 3 pro-gun bills today. Please use the link below to contact your Representative urging them to support HB 1341, HB 1340, and HB 1339.  

HB 1341 recognizes the right to self-defense while on the grounds of the State Capitol.  The amendment, however, will turn the bill into a summer study, and essentially the bill dies. There will be a motion on the House floor to remove the amendment. We want a yes vote on the motion to remove the amendment and then pass the bill in its original form.

HB 1340 enhances the preemption of firearms. In other words, the state legislature has the sole authority to regulate firearms. This prevents counties and municipalities from passing a patchwork of confusing and conflicting local laws throughout the state. This bill is good as amended.

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HB 1339 recognizes the right to self-defense without government permission, or constitutional carry, to ALL law-abiding adults that are traveling or living in North Dakota. It removes the resident only requirement to carry without a permit in North Dakota, similar to all other constitutional carry states. This bill is good as amended.

Again, please contact your state representative immediately and urge them to SUPPORT the pro-gun bills today! Then, forward this to your family and friends, to contact their representative as well!

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