Kansas: Permit Fee Reduction Sent to Governor

Gun Rights

Today, the House voted 86-37 to adopt the conference committee version of Senate Bill 116, which has been amended to include language from House Bill 2412 reducing carry permit fees. Also, the Senate voted 27-10 to approve the conference report on SB 116. Please contact Governor Kelly and ask her to sign Senate Bill 116 into law.

Senate Bill 116 eliminates the Attorney General’s $100 fee for concealed carry permits, reducing the total fee to just the $32.50 paid to county sheriffs. While Kansas is fortunate to have constitutional carry, meaning citizens can already access their right-to-carry in Kansas without having to first pay fees, many citizens still find benefits in voluntarily obtaining a permit.

The permit confers access to Kansas’ reciprocity agreements with other states, and speeds up firearm purchases by being a federally recognized exemption for holders to not have to undergo a background check at firearm dealers with each purchase. Reducing the fee ensures that these benefits in exercising Second Amendment rights are more accessible to law-abiding citizens of less financial means.

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Again, please contact Governor Kelly and ask her to sign Senate Bill 116 into law.

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