New York: Approaching End of Session Is A Dangerous Time For Gun Owners

Gun Rights

We are in the ninth inning in Albany, and the anti-gun politicians are always looking to steal a base.  You can count the number of scheduled 2023 legislative session days on one hand, which means gun grabbers in Albany are up to no-good.  This is the critical time of year when a massive amount of legislation is quickly pushed across the plate with virtually no debate and nobody even paying attention, sometimes in the middle of the night.  Majority Democrats in both chambers have been teaming up with anti-gun Gov. Kathy Hochul to impose their will, no matter how unconstitutional their schemes are. 

Gun owners need to continue to be vocal.  It matters because, with no resistance, they will only be encouraged to pass even more, and court battles take a long time to settle.  As of right now, there are bills quickly moving and law-abiding gun owners should be aware.

S.4818, creates a 10-day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm.  The bill has passed the Senate.  The companion bill, A.5696, is still in committee in the Assembly. 

Another bill S.4976A would ban lead ammunition on state lands.  A.2084A, the lead ammunition companion bill, has passed the Assembly.  This legislation has passed the Assembly in previous years, but it failed to clear the Senate. 

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These are just some of the serious infringements working their way through the legislative process.  Your immediate assistance is needed!  Contact your lawmakers today, and respectfully request that they are a “NO” vote on ANY, and ALL, gun control legislation! 

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