Hunter Biden Just Created a Big Problem for Joe Biden

Gun Rights

President Joe Biden could face a familial wrinkle in his gun control effort: Hunter Biden.

Vice President Kamala Harris noted on Friday that gun control will be a major part of the Biden administration’s legislative agenda going into 2024. The administration plans to seek bans on semi-automatic rifles and red-flag laws that allow the confiscation of firearms in the event a person is deemed a hazard to himself or herself by family members or others.  

“Ban assault weapons. Enact red flag laws. Require background checks. We need leaders in Congress and state legislatures nationwide to have the courage to act and take action to end gun violence,” Harris wrote on Twitter last month.

President Not Interested in Enforcing Gun Laws Against Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden’s current predicament could lead to people calling the president a hypocrite.

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“Biden doesn’t have any actual interest in keeping guns away from those prohibited from possessing them,” the NRA-ILA blog said in a June 13, 2022 post. “Of course, rather than investigate the notorious drug addict’s potential illegal possession of a firearm, federal law enforcement may have attempted to cover for him.”

Biden Hunter Might Face Firearms Charge

The president’s son might face federal felony firearms charges in Delaware as U.S. Attorney David Weiss closes in on a decision whether or not to file federal firearms charges against him.

Hunter Biden purchased a pistol from a Wilmington, Del., gun story in 2018. At the same time, Biden struggled with his crack addiction, which he detailed in his memoir “Beautiful Things.” Biden checked “No” on the ATF 4473 form on the line asking if he had used illegal drugs.

He found himself under federal criminal investigation after his sister-in-law and former girlfriend, Hallie Biden, tossed the weapon in the trash outside a grocery store where they shopped. The FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and the ATF all became involved.

NRA-Backed Decision

His lawyers ironically have found themselves using a NRA-backed Supreme Court decision New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen in his defense, a ruling the president called a “common-sense affront to the Constitution,” to help him escape the likely federal gun charge.

The decision invalidated New York’s concealed-carry law that required proof of a need to have a concealed weapon based on the 14th amendment.

Recent litigation has challenged the requirement that asks firearms purchasers if they have used illegal drugs in the past year.

Republican Reps. Brian Mast and Alex Mooney are seeking to change the law to allow marijuana users to purchase firearms.

Gun-rights Advocates Slam Hunter Biden’s Hypocrisy

Gun-rights advocates think Hunter Biden’s sudden support for the Second Amendment has more to do with expediency than conviction.

“I somehow doubt President Joe Biden has a problem with Hunter’s defense, despite his vocal disagreement with the decision itself. Funny how that shakes out,” Tom Knighton wrote in the Bearing Arms blog. “The problem for Hunter, though, is that while there are a lot of gun control laws on the books that likely will fall to the wayside in the coming years, the prohibition of gun ownership by habitual drug users may not be one of them.

Knighton continued: “Yet, more importantly, is that there’s a certain hypocrisy in Hunter’s lawyers trying to use the Bruen decision to stave off potential charges. There’s no indicator that the younger Biden disagrees with his father on the issue of guns in general, much less with regard to Bruen. As such, he’s basically using a decision he apparently believes is wrong to try and get his butt out of hot water.”

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