Republican tears over Hunter Biden deal are delicious

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On Tuesday, papers were filed in federal court showing that Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney David Weiss reached a plea deal with Hunter Biden. This wraps up an investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, which was started in 2018 during the Trump administration. The deal allows Hunter Biden to plead guilty to minor tax crimes as well as admit to a gun charge in a pretrial diversion agreement.

The news that yet another federally funded witch hunt investigation into the Biden family had not amounted to much of anything didn’t stop right-wingers from crying Republican tears about injustice. Yes, the same right-wing pundits and lawmakers who spent most of last week saying Donald Trump’s 37-count indictment for possession of classified documents was proof of a justice system being used for political purposes are now saying Hunter Biden’s plea deal connected to back taxes paid late and lying on a gun permit form are an injustice.

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The movement that believes everybody should have a gun is bent out of shape about a gun charge plea deal where no one was shot or threatened. The political movement headed by arguably the biggest laughingstock of a tax cheat is arguing that Hunter Biden’s tardy tax payments should be grounds for incarceration.

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Here’s a sampling:



That’s right: James Comer and his transparent, evidence-free, never-ending investigation into the Biden family have a lot of feelings. So does Second Amendment devotee Marsha Blackburn, who uses the NRA as an ATM.


That’s one of the right-wing intellectuals at the Daily Wire. A couple of days ago, Shapiro was writing op-eds saying that because Donald Trump and the Republican Party didn’t actually lock up Hillary Clinton for her nonexistent crimes, the fact that Trump is being charged with actual real crimes is the real injustice.

Here’s Matt Schlapp, the dubious manager of the Conservative Political Action Conference (who is accused of sexual harassment by another conservative).



While some people might call this moving the goalposts, it is important to remember that the conservative movement in this country doesn’t move anything. They simply look at reality, place down a goal post, and pretend it has always been there.


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