Julie Golob Raises Awareness with Aim to Cure JDM Challenge

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Aim to Cure JM target

The Aim to Cure JDM Challenge looks to raise awareness of juvenile dermatomyositis. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

In an effort to raise awareness for juvenile dermatomyositis, renowned competition shooter and World Champion Julie Golob challenges the shooting community to participate in the Aim to Cure JDM Challenge.

Golob’s 12-year-old daughter was diagnosed in 2019 with the rare autoimmune disease which causes the immune system to target and attack muscles. Golob said her daughter has been through extensive testing and is now undergoing treatment, a daunting task for a child and family.

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“Friday night she had her 25th injection of chemotherapy drugs. This combined infusions of steroids, immunoglobin (sic), hundreds of pills in orange bottles and so many medical tests later, I confess I’m still a terrified parent, maybe even more so,” Golob said in an emotional post on her website. “I’m a trooper, a fighter, champion… but this? This has been my greatest challenge.”

As a tribute to her daughter and others suffering from the disease, Golob is raising both awareness and money to help spread the word through the Aim to Cure JDM Challenge. She created a special shooting target for this challenge that can be downloaded and printed at home, ready to take to the range.

To complete the challenge, shooters take 23 shots at various areas on the target, starting from the holster or low ready at 3-, 5- or 7-yards. Shooters may also opt to use a bolt-action rifle in lieu of a handgun.

Strings of fire include:

String 1: Send 5 rounds into the pentagon.

String 2: Send 3 rounds into the circle and 2 rounds into the square.

String 3: Send 2 rounds into the square, 2 rounds into the circle and 1 round into the triangle.

String 4: Send 1 round into each shape in the target.

String 5: Finish it up with 3 rounds into the star.

After completing the challenge, spread the word by snapping a picture of your target or making a video then upload it to social media with #Aim2CureJM and link to Juliegolob.com/curejm. For those unable to shoot the challenge, donations can be made to fund research of juvenile dermatomyositis.

“We have a long road ahead of us, but with your support, we hope to find a cure for JM,” Golob said.

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