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Today Luke is discussing the Swiss Army Heavyweight Wool Blanket.
Is it the perfect Bushcraft blanket at a budget friendly price?
Decide for yourself now in this quick video!

Link Heavy Weight : https://swisslink.com/swiss-army-reproduction-heavyweight-blanket.html

Link Light Weight : https://swisslink.com/swiss-army-reproduction-blanket.html

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Price :
Heavy – $32.99
Light – $24.99

Original Swiss Wool Blankets have a long history of being some of the best wool blankets ever made but after all of these years they are hard to find and if located, they are very expensive. Paying $160 for one is very common place.

Dark taupe with burgandy

Beautiful copy of the Swiss Army Blanket. We had these extra heavyweight ones made. Hand sewn white cross on each end. 70 percent wool. Measures 60″ x 84″. Weighs a very nice 5.9 pounds. Shades of brown will vary a bit.

Hardly ever has there been a blanket that is more famous and sought after then the Swiss Army Blanket. For 20 years we sold the original stock from the Swiss Army until it was completely sold out worldwide. So… using the precise original specifications we re-created these beautiful blankets at a very affordable price. 70% fine wool with a white stitched cross. Measures 60 x 80 inches and weighs a whopping 3.9 pounds.

Somewhere a couple years back during my clothing / blanket research I stumbled on an article that referenced studies the Wehrmacht conducted on wool content in uniforms during the war. If memory serves they found that they could get down to around ~70% wool content before they had any significant change in the insulative qualities of their wool uniforms.

As it stands, that made the 80/20 blends a pretty easy buy for me, and a significant savings over shelling out for the 100% wool Italian blankets. Your mileage may vary.
Review :
Excellent Quality blankets at a terrific cost
Tightly woven
Very warm

Slightly scratchy against the skin with a military surplus smell which makes sense considering that these are coming from a military surplus provider

I would recommend washing these by hand in the tub a few times with some fabric softener and lanolin. You can even add some eucalyptus to the mixture for a natural bug repellant!

Once you wash it, let it air dry. Don’t throw this in the dryer unless you want to shrink the hell out of it.

These make excellent bushcraft and truck blankets. Get one, wash it, treat it to make it softer at a terrific value.

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