Is it a Hauler? – Gregory Baltoro 75 (2018) – Trail Review

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For numerous months I have been working to review the Gregory Baltoro 75L backpack and today, the Trail Review goes up as it is time to find out if the latest version of this famous pack is worth your hard earned money.

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Price : Retail is around $320 – but at the time of filming I have seen it for around $225.

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Weight : 5.22lbs

Colors : Dusk Blue and Orange

Sizes : S M L

Optional Liters : 65, 75, 85, and 95 which they refer to as the pro model

Pros :
Comfort : This pack fits like a glove…as the saying goes. It hugs the body in all of the right places while giving you good lumbar support which is adjustable. Excellent balance between the hips and shoulders. distributes weight very nicely. straps are super comfortable

Excellent quality
Easy to access pocket and gear – U-shaped access is awesome.
Good capacity
Stylish pack – I love the orange color.

Hydration bag is also a day pack – Offers 12liters of capacity. Very simple, not the most comfortable but it is useful.

Flexibility : Baltoro’s innovative pivoting shoulder straps and hipbelt play an important role in carrying comfort. Each piece shifts independently, so the pack remains level and close against your body while the shoulder straps and hipbelt move up and down. This feature is especially noticeable on extended climbs, where I could feel one side drop while the other raised up as I took a step

Included rain cover does what it is supposed to do; keep the pack dry. It works.
Waterproof hippocket also works to keep the rain out.

Manages weight as good as most external frame packs; 47lbs loadouts are comfortable with this pack and that says a lot.

Lots of places to clip and attach gear to.

Cons :

Weight : While Gregory has been dropping the weight of this pack over the years with each generation, this thing is still very heavy! Over 5lbs with the hydration carry day pack and included pack cover – this is not a light pack. With that being said, this pack is made for hauling so what you get with the weight is the ability to carry a lot of gear, food and water very comfortably.

Price : Full retail price is high; but the on sale price is great.

The Stretch Mesh water bottle pocket has a tendency to push empty bottles out while you are hiking. I’ve had this happen multiple times while on my adventures. To fix this you really have to tighten the compression straps

Breathability : while the back panel and hip belt are more breathable than ever before you are still going to get soaked in sweat when you are hiking. There is no way around it. It’s better than before but doesn’t compare to some offerings from competitors.

Small Pocket : The only disappointment is that the water-resistant hipbelt pocket is too small to fit a larger smartphone

Summary : At nearly 5 pounds, it’s overbuilt for those who want to travel fast and light, but if you value the extra cushioning and support, it’s one of the best packs on the market.

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