Florida Alert! Most of Us Were Born at Night – But It Wasn’t LAST NIGHT

Gun Rights
DATE:    April 16, 2020
TO:       USF & NRA Members and Friends
FROM:   Marion P. Hammer
  USF Executive Director
  NRA Past President

While THE TRACE, another Bloomberg creation, is touting a bogus study that attempts to claim guns are used more in suicides than for self defense, facts show otherwise.  

According to data from an extensive study by Dr. Gary Kleck, Professor of Criminology at Florida State University, a firearm is used in self-defense approximately 2 million times a year.  Don’t believe Dr. Kleck?  Even the very liberal, anti-gun CDC apparently admits to over 1 million self-defense uses of a firearm a year. 

But it doesn’t matter if you believe Dr. Kleck or the CDC, according to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, approximately only half of the suicides (50.57%) in this country are with firearms.  Their latest statistics put that number at just over 23,500 a year. 

By any math computation you use, 23,500 will NEVER be more than 1 million  OR 2 million.  

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So, let me repeat, “We were born at night, but it certainly wasn’t last night.”  Read on……… 

Bogus Study Claims Guns Used In Suicide More Than Self-Defense 

by Tom Knighton
Bearing Arms
April 16, 2020


If someone were to ask you, in all sincerity, why you have guns, what would you say?

For a lot of us, we might have a number of reasons. We might say because it’s our right as Americans to own them. Maybe we use them for hunting or competition. Regardless, I suspect self-defense as a significant factor for the vast majority of us. After all, if you need a gun, harsh language just isn’t going to cut it.

Yet anti-gunners routinely try to undermine the self-defense argument. They know that claiming self-defense isn’t a valid reason won’t play with the American public, so they routinely try to undermine the concern itself. They try to convince people that somehow, the risks outweigh the benefits. That’s why we’ve seen horrible studies that try to make that claim.  Over at The Trace, they’re pushing yet another one…

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