Gun Rights Activists In Virginia Challenge Bloomberg Gun Ban Precursor Package

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Rabidly anti-gun CBS seems to make an honest effort to present the Constitutionals side of the gun control issue. They fall short, and of course cannot provide successful examples off restrictive gun laws or consideration. With all the shortcomings, None the less, the mere fact that a part of gun rights activists position is highlighted is remarkable.

The first half of the video shows a part of the gun rights argument, mainly consisting of “the gun rights people have a lot of support, do not trust the gun ban industry, and do not support restrictive laws,. No reasons given, no gun control/gun ban history presented. De Nada~

After the three commercial intermission you get to hear from one of those paid with Bloomberg’s money, working toward enacting Bloomberg’s 19 bill gun ban precursor legislation. The same bundle that was already codified and ready for the Assembly to rubber stamp and Blackface Northam to make Virginia law.

As usual, we hear from those whose lives have been touched or destroyed by mass murderers, who seem to think the people who cause the trouble only buy guns from legitimate sources such as dealers and collectors. In this case, the shooter was Sueng-Ho Cho, whose profile clearly shows no amount of background checks would have barred a legal gun purchase.

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But Bloomberg is paying for a mandatory background check on top of a system that has failed to provide ANY demonstrable benefit. The simple fact is that violent lawbreakers seldom buy guns from legitimate sources. They prefer stolen and preferably trafficked guns with no paper trail to themselves, bought from criminal friends or relatives, for a fourth or less of dealer or collector price.

But no amount of facts or history will convince them that a background check on the buyer, and preferably the seller as well, would not have kept their child from death or injury.

And charts like the one below, showing we did not have a mass murder problem until the “Gun Free Zone Act of 1990 was enacted will convince them that “easy access to firearms” was not the reason their loved one was endangered or killed:

So, as the ancient saying goes, “The Devil finds work for idle hands” so does Bloomberg finds work for newly converted gun banners. Who keep mum about their real end game.

Click on over and check it out. The item is actually an attempt to appear fair, while promoting the same policies that led to the Holodomor, the Holocaust, The Cambodian “killing fields, and many more examples of Democide. 263 million of those murders by government, 31 million in such affairs as the Rwandan Massacre of Tutsi’s.


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