First Look: Prairie Storm 28- And 16-Gauge Loads

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Boasting Federal’s cutting-edge shot and wad, Prairie Storm gives the classic bores a leg up.

In some places down South, if you aren’t shooting quail with a 28-gauge you’re plum cheating. Hitting just as hard as larger bores, its lighter payload tends to preserve meat, not to mention show what a sharp shot you happen to be. To boot, the ol’ 28 is about a pleasurable as you can get in the recoil department—no small potatoes for any volume wing shooting. No wonder, in recent years it’s crept out of it Dixy stronghold and gained advocates across the country.

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Good news if you happen to favor this petite gauge, Federal Premium has expanded one of its most popular and potent upland ammunition lines to it and another classic bore. Prairie Storm is now available for 28- and 16-gauge, giving enthusiasts of these standbys an utterly devastating option for knocking down birds on the wing. Shot is part of the equation in the ammo’s effectiveness, the wad is the other.

To the latter, Prairie Storm utilizes Federal’s Flitecontrol Flex wad, an improvement on the original design. In particular, the wad now has slits to produce back pressure and release the shot, as well as reinforcement at the rear. The toughened up component delivers the same tight pattern shooters have come to expect from Flitecontrol, but in a system that works with ported chokes. A feature shotgunners have demanded for some time.

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As to the shot load, it’s Federal’s renowned Flitestopper, a unique payload of 70-percent standard copper-plated lead and 30-percent Flitestopper lead. The latter has a raised cutting ridge on its hemisphere, giving it the unparalleled ability to slice through feathers and flesh, without loss or adverse effects on ballistics or flight characteristics.

At present, Federal offers four loads of Prairie Strom for the two gauges, all in 2 ¾-inch shells. For 16-gauge, there are No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 shot options all with 1 1/8-ounce payloads. And for 28-gauge, there is No. 6 shot option with a 13/16-ounce payload. Across the board, the MSRP on 16-gauge ammo is $35.99 and for 28-gauge $34.99.

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