Mayor Of Durham Ignores The Stolen Guns That Are Criminals Weapons Of Choice

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The Mayor of Durham commented on the rise in crime in Durham – and that has risen as expected during a billion dollar gun control campaign. He hit the target sometimes, missed entirely a few times – until he came to the subject of guns. It is 30 to 1 he is a Democrat because he blamed the “easy access to guns” and “anyone who wants a gun can buy one” lines from Bloomberg’s gun ban propaganda mill for the problem. But the fats are simple enough for even a mayor to understand.

The modern “gun control campaign” began in the closing weeks of 1963 with a campaign to “send the Army and take them all.” The chart below and the FBI provided table at this link show what gun control has done to North Carolina, including Durham:

Relaxation of North Carolina’s gun laws has resulted in a small decline in violent crime. But the State is nowhere near to getting its violent crime rates back to the levels they were before gun control in revenge for the murder of President Kennedy was first footed.

And now, without even a nod at the results of existing gun control laws the mayor of Durham wants to start at the present crime level and multiply the current violent crime rate by another 300 percent!

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That would suit the the 5,000 or so criminals in Durham very well, but it would not serve the interests of the 268,000 or so law abiding citizens of Durham at all well.

It seems very clear Durham needs a mayor who will serve the interests of the law abiding majority and not the criminal minority.


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