Primary election voter’s guide

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Editor’s Note: For our primary election edition, local candidates were given the opportunity to run short articles free of charge and/or to place paid advertisements. The following are the articles candidates submitted. The articles serve as a chance for candidates to tell voters about who they are, why they are running for their position and what they hope to accomplish if elected. Articles are unedited and have the exact wording the candidates chose. Not every candidate replied to the newspaper’s invitation to be part of the election edition. The election edition is meant to serve as a guide for voters to learn about the candidates and to help them make informed choices in the upcoming election.

Jeffrey Smith, Republican, for Sweetwater County Commissioner – Incumbent

It is a pleasure to serve you as a county commissioner. There are so many responsibilities I did not know about when I was elected in 2018 and I am still learning more the longer I serve.

My slogan for this campaign is, “Listening, Learning, Leading” and I truly believe in those three principles – in that order! It is so important to listen to understand the perspective of others, learn from them to form an opinion, then use that knowledge to lead in the right direction.

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A goal of mine when I was elected was to improve the commission’s relationship and communication with the employees of the county and everyone who has dealings with the commission. I believe the commission has moved in that direction, listening to the people who do the work every day to give advice and direction. With that, we can make informed decisions that help make Sweetwater County even better than it is.

I do not take for granted this opportunity to serve. I was stunned I received as many votes as I did when being elected and was humbled so many trusted me. I have traveled to Cheyenne and Jackson, and many places in between looking out for the interests of Sweetwater County and would love to continue doing that.

If you have questions about me, please reach out and let’s chat. Perhaps even better, take the time to talk with someone who knows me personally or as a commissioner. I think you’ll find that while we don’t agree on every subject, I try my best to do what is best.

Finally, I would love your vote. But even if you don’t vote for me, I thank you in advance for taking the time to vote. Sweetwater County is totally worth it!

Roy Lloyd,

Republican, for

Sweetwater County Commissioner – Incumbent

I am excited about the opportunity to potentially serve a second term on the Sweetwater Board of County Commissioners. Four years ago, I was honored to be elected to the Sweetwater County Board of County Commissioners, and hope to have the opportunity to continue building on what I have learned and developed during my time as a County Commissioner.

I have proudly called Sweetwater County home for 18 years. I can honestly say that my family has firmly planted our roots in Sweetwater County. Heidi (my amazing wife of 22 years) and I have been blessed to raise our 4 children in Sweetwater County; Jorie (and her husband Cole) Randall, Kaden, Kamilyn, and Jakob. Sweetwater County is our home and I thrive on continuing to work to make it the best place for our children to grow up.

Over the past 18 years my family has become active members of our community. We have served on various boards, organizations, and volunteer opportunities. Professionally, I have been involved in providing opportunities to individuals with various disabilities and acquired brain injuries. These experiences have helped me develop strong leadership, problem-solving, strategic planning, budgeting, and, a keen eye for finding efficiencies of service. Throughout my life personally and professionally I have demonstrated a passion for using my leadership skills to benefit others in various manners.

What I bring to the table is 4 years- experience of being a County Commissioner. Throughout my term, I have been an active Commissioner. Active in the community, at the County building and actively working with others to help benefit the County. I have taken pride in the fact that I represent Sweetwater County and work hard to be transparent and open to the ideas of others. Working collaboratively and open-minded have allowed me to find solutions to difficult issues while representing the people of our County. My record has demonstrated a financially conservative approach and a proven track record of reducing duplication of services. Lastly, I feel it is vital to develop a strategic plan and prioritize those items as we work to move Sweetwater County forward. Having a vision of the future is essential. While determining the vision it is essential to have the pulse and thoughts of the residents of Sweetwater County and I feel I have the ability to make it happen.

I look forward to the final few weeks of the campaign and encourage all voters to get involved and get informed! I will be honored to once again be allowed to serve the citizens of Sweetwater County.

Keaton D. West

, Republican, for Sweetwater County Commissioner

“We are truly blessed to live in these wide-open spaces, and it is my goal to continue making Sweetwater County a better place for all to enjoy. The County deserves decisive leaders who openly discuss the issues, work through them, and move on. Diversification among the Commission is a good thing, but it’s also important to agree to disagree and not lose focus. The current Commission is made up of good people, but the disconnect is clear to those who pay attention. Decisions must be made, and business must be handled. There are too many vitally important issues that continue to get kicked down the road,” said West.

“I believe experience and leadership are critical to move the county forward. I also believe that to be most successful, we must work together with a regional approach and not lose focus with differing opinions. We may not always agree, but to hold grudges is to work against one another. We all love Sweetwater County for the same reasons; we should work together to improve and expand the opportunities that benefit us all. I’ll have a lot to learn when it comes to this seat, but I am driven and determined to make it happen. Hardworking, understanding, fair, and decisive are only a few traits I will bring to the Commission and County. With a voice of reason and a strong passion to giving back, I look forward to the challenges and I humbly ask for your support on August 16th. The County is endowed with hardworking individuals from a variety of fields. Let’s help them prosper so that together, we may pave the way for future generations to come,” West continued.

Keaton is currently a Rock Springs City Councilman and has served on various boards including the Sweetwater County Economic Development Coalition, the Rock Springs Planning & Zoning Commission, the Sweetwater County Parks & Recreation Board, and the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce Board. He earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Wyoming and is currently the Vice President of Sales & Service at Vaughn’s Plumbing & Heating Co. He comes from a family who has been dedicated to giving back to their community and County, and he hopes to continue the legacy. Keaton is happily married to his wife Dana and together they feel blessed to be raising their 2-year-old son, Kashtyn.

Robb Slaughter

, Republican, for Sweetwater

County Commissioner

Robb Slaughter is running as a Republican candidate for Sweetwater County Commission.  Slaughter, the son of Dee and Elaine Slaughter, is a Sweetwater County native and a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a bachelor of science degree in business management.  

After graduating from the University, Slaughter worked as the golf professional at Rolling Green Country Club in Green River from 1984-1988.  In December 1988, he went to work as  chief deputy in the County Treasurers office under Treasurer Betsy Sue Peverly.

Upon Peverly’s retirement Slaughter was appointed Treasurer in March of 1993.  He was elected to seven consecutive terms and retired in July of 2021.

“In my time as treasurer, I worked with 23 different county commissioners.  I worked side by side with the county budget officer (County Clerk) in preparing revenue projections in each of those years and believe that my 34 years of experience will serve me well as your next county commissioner.” Slaughter said.

“Sweetwater County will be facing many critical issues in the next few years .  From critical infrastructure needs to public safety.  Protecting our water and public access to public lands. A commissioner must be prepared to make informed and critical decisions.  I am ready to step in and make these decisions immediately.” He added.

“The minerals industry has been the backbone of our county for 50 years.  I will do everything I can to protect our jobs and the industries that provide them.  In addition, I will strive to ensure that infrastructure is in place to attract new business to our county. Sweetwater County has long been associated with a high quality of life.  I would like to see us develop our communities to a point where they are considered  a “Quality of Place.”  To achieve this goal, we will need to develop necessary infrastructure and new services along with a goal of not only maintaining, but also helping to improve our current services.  Slaughter said.

“By bringing the leaders of the cities and towns and the commission together,  I believe we can help all of our residents be proud of our communities. I believe I can help facilitate that.  I am excited and ready to get to work.” He added.

Slaughter and his wife Marriella live in Green River.  They have six children, several grandchildren and two dogs!

Cindy Lane,

Republican, for

County Clerk – Incumbent

Sweetwater County has been my home for the past 36 years, having lived in Rock Springs and Green River. My children and grandchildren are proud Wyomingites, and benefited from a strong local government and an exceptional education system. I earned an Associate’s Degree from WWCC, 2 Bachelor’s Degrees and a Master’s Degree from the University of Wyoming.

Beyond academics, my time as a Cowboy taught me to be an innovative thinker and the importance of community involvement. Owning a local business for 15 years has given me the skills necessary to represent Sweetwater County in the many diverse areas of the County Clerk’s office. The Clerk must possess the ability to work with individuals in all areas of the community, including the public, business leaders, legislators and local elected officials. I possess these skills, and as your Clerk, I have represented Sweetwater County in a professional manner whether that be at the state capitol or at a local event.

My interest in politics began in my high school civics class where I knew I wanted to become a member of the Republican Party and have remained a Republican ever since. My political service in Sweetwater County began when elected as a Precinct Committeewoman in 2016. In 2018, I was elected to represent you as your County Clerk.

During my first term, I worked diligently to provide fair, secure, transparent elections, and as election integrity is an integral part of our process, when re-elected, I will continue to maintain the safety of our elections. During the past four years, I have acquired additional security cameras, added metal bars on windows where election equipment is stored, and implemented a chain of custody procedure for our election equipment.

In other areas of the Clerk’s office, I streamlined office policies to provide fast and efficient services, updated office policies to meet statutory requirements, and worked with special districts to support their needs. In addition, a new system to make local government easily accessible to the residents of Sweetwater County is being implemented; I completed the redistricting process and created efficiencies in the office to lower the County Clerk’s budget, all with a reduced number of staff. When re-elected, my goals are to continue working election integrity and office policies and procedures for the betterment of all areas of the Clerk’s Office. Please vote Cindy Lane for County Clerk on August 16th.

Anita Frey, Republican, for Sweetwater County Clerk

I am Anita Frey, and I am running for the office of Sweetwater County Clerk. I have been a resident of Sweetwater County for the last 24 years. My husband and I have raised our two daughters here, with both graduating from Green River High School. I love the residents of Sweetwater County and am proud to call it home.

I worked in the Title Dept from 2001 to 2005, then took a position in the Accounting/Payroll Dept where I am currently the Lead Deputy. I was so excited to be picked for the job. My time in the Accounting/Payroll Dept has been fantastic. Over the last 17 years, I have worked under three County Clerks and with countless commissioners, elected officials, and department heads.

Since I have been in the Accounting/Payroll Dept, I have helped make many changes in the office. A more efficient time-keeping system was implemented in 2010, from paper timesheets to online timesheets, with a payroll processing time of two weeks to three days. A new ERP system was implemented in 2014 to help streamline accounting and payroll.

I have always been a hard worker and an entrepreneur with a small business of some sort, and I will bring that same hard-working ethic to the County Clerk position when elected.

The County Clerk’s Office has four departments, and I believe each department has an opportunity for improvement. Election integrity and security are of the utmost importance, and I will ensure every precaution is taken to ensure transparent and fair elections. I will also ensure that all polling locations are open so you do not stand in line for multiple hours or feel disenfranchised because you could not wait in an excessively long line.

The lines in the Title Dept are unreasonably long. I will work with the Lead Title Clerk to ensure enough employees are working in the office at any time.

Our Land Records Dept is a department that can never be closed. I will work to get an employee cross-trained so the department has someone working and answering phones.

Additionally, the Accounting and Payroll Dept will continue to cut checks weekly to pay our vendors quickly. I will take fiduciary care of County funds under my purview.

Donna Lee Bobak, Republican, for Clerk of District Court – Incumbent

I have lived in Sweetwater County since 1986. My husband, Harry Bobak, served honorably in the Vietnam war and we are extremely proud of our son, TJ Bobak. After graduating from UW, he’s working on his PHD at Mississippi State University.

In 1987, I began working at the County Court and became the Chief Clerk in 1997. Sweetwater County elected me as their Clerk of District Court in the 2010. I’ve been a part of the courts computer automation through several case management systems. The experience I have from serving in both courts makes me uniquely qualified to continue to serve you for another term.

The budget I inherited was over $900,000 and I have worked hard to reduce our costs, especially during Covid. Our office works cooperatively with the county commissioners, especially during fiscal challenges. Even through county raises, inflation and the past 12 years, my budget is still below $900,000.

In 2019 we opened our ‘North’ office so litigants could pay child support, pick up pro se packets and make other payments as they came in. This office remained open until April 1, 2022 due to our upcoming conversion and training. This is a temporary closure for the convenience of the tech support group from the Wyoming Supreme Court.

I have been audited annually for finances, policies and procedures without any discrepancies.

I am qualified to be your Clerk of District Court and, as always, will be honored to serve you to the best of my abilities. Please exercise your voice and vote on August 16th!

Annette Eychner,

Republican, for

Clerk of District Court

Sweetwater County is my home. I was born and raised in Green River, as were my parents, children and grandchildren.

I have been employed with the State of Wyoming as a Judicial Assistant for over 9 years. This position has given me a clear understanding of the internal structure and duties of the Clerk of District Court’s Office. I am confident in my qualifications and have extensive training, knowledge and experience with personnel management, record keeping, budgets, legal documents, as well as State and County policies and procedures.

Public service has been a common thread throughout my life. I have volunteered for many fundraisers and organizations. I have served on the Supervisory Committee and the Board of Directors of Trona Valley Credit Union for many years.

Passport services and having a Notary Public for legal documents are no longer available at this office making this a hardship for the residents of Sweetwater County, I intend to bring back these services along with any other services that prove to be beneficial to meet the needs of the public.

The demand of this office requires a strong and knowledgeable leader who can work cooperatively with the public, the Judicial Office’s and all associated agencies. I am energetic and can evaluate, streamline and adapt. I am confident that I can find ways to eliminate improperly filed documents, the untimely processing of appeals, lost files and the misfiling of confidential documents. I believe wholeheartedly that all county officials should be held at a higher standard while constantly making improvements and not expecting this to be a retirement position. I will be a Working Clerk – not sitting in an office collecting a paycheck!

The incumbent continues to petition members of the State Legislature and Senate to increase filings fees; yet the residents of Sweetwater County are struggling to make ends meet financially amid the soaring food and gas bills. Inflation is a threat to financial stability and an increase in fees on ordinary people already struggling to make ends meet is not ideal. WE THE PEOPLE… deserve a leader that will be fiscally responsible and limit spending. It is time to prioritize the needs of individuals, families and seniors.

I am prepared to work tirelessly to ensure a flawless transition, and that the office provides accurate and efficient services to all residents of Sweetwater County. I have the desire to make a difference. I am asking for your vote so that I may develop an office that provides accurate, honest, fresh ideas and efficient services to all residents of Sweetwater County.

Vote Annette Eychner for Clerk of District Court

John Grossnickle,

Republican, for

Sweetwater County Sheriff – Incumbent

Over at least the last 50 years, policing in this country seems to have drifted off course. We’ve veered from the idea that “police are the people, and the people are the police.” Instead of guardians of our community, we’ve moved more toward a culture and mindset of law enforcement as warriors battling it out with the very people we’re sworn to serve and protect – our friends, our neighbors.

Add to this fire the fuel of rampant fear most often peddled by our mainstream media, and as a nation, we’ve even tended toward gradually relinquishing our sacred and inalienable constitutional rights in favor of the perception of improved health, safety and security.

In these trying times, leadership in law enforcement demands the courage of conviction, a boldness to lead from the front, and actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.

As your sheriff, I have always, and will forever continue, to fight for your rights and liberties while holding responsible those who would wish to threaten our livelihoods and do us or our families harm.

I will continue to responsibly lead the financial-side of your sheriff’s office just like many of our very successful local small-business owners, accountable for every penny of your hard-earned tax dollars. Together, we’ve already saved taxpayers over $7.5 million dollars.

I will continue to fight for transparency when it comes to the interaction of our deputies with those we serve every day, and we will continue to work together to strengthen and encourage positive relationships between our law enforcement and this community.

Together, we will ensure that your sheriff’s office remains a place where we are an extension of those we protect and serve. We are people first, cops second.

The sheriff’s office is not just another retirement job, and for me, this is about more than just winning an election.

It’s about finishing what we’ve started on the path to making your sheriff’s office one that we are all proud of as one of the leading and forward-thinking law enforcement agencies in Wyoming.

I’m Sheriff John Grossnickle, and with your vote, I would be humbled and honored to continue to serve as your sheriff. I’ve dedicated my entire career to your sheriff’s office, and I have the education, experience and proven leadership to take a stand and continue to get the job done right. Thank you.

Dwane Pacheco, Republican, for Sweetwater County Sheriff

I grew up in Rock Springs and graduated Rock Springs High School, after which I served with the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve for a total of 20 years. My entire law enforcement career has been served in Sweetwater County; 31 years with the Rock Springs Police Department, including eight years as Chief of Police. In addition, I am a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

My goal is to establish a Sheriff’s Office that will keep our children and citizens safe in our County. I will reconnect with all citizens with a proven leadership style focused on relationships which develop partnerships and build trust. My core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment will continue to serve as my professional cornerstones, as they always have.

Assuring fiscal responsibility while maintaining a public safety work force that keeps the County safe is imperative. Our personnel are our most valuable asset at the Sheriff’s Office and I will strive to ensure that the needs of our employees are addressed.

Volunteers are a force multiplier for the Sheriff’s Office, including our Sweetwater County Search & Rescue, the Dive Team and those who donate their time to County Emergency Management. Proper training, planning, and resource allocations will give our teams the best opportunity for success.

Children are our future and must be safe while attending school. As Chief of Police, I partnered with Sweetwater School District 1 to implement the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) Safety Plan, which provides clear guidance on actions to be taken by all occupants of a school in the event of a crisis. The SRP was also adopted by Green River School District 2 and Western Wyoming Community College.

I partnered with the Sweetwater County Fair and implemented an Incident Command System safety approach for the event. The ICS included parking, security, egress of the crowd, and traffic. This approach increased safety, improved efficiency, and reduced the number of necessary arrests from 50 to less than five over the course of the entire event.

Prevention in our jail system must be a priority to lower our recidivism rate for non-violent offenders. I am a strong advocate for Treatment Court, the 24/7 Program, the Sweetwater Prevention Coalition, and jail trustee programs that help our community with roadside cleanup, snow removal, and other community tasks.

The best predictors of future success in public office are past community accomplishments. I have hosted open houses, Junior Police Academies, Jackalope Jumps and Torch Runs for Special Olympics, 5K and 10K Run with the Badges as a fundraiser for the YWCA Center for Families and Children.

I am a member of the Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving, the Public Safety Communications Commission, the Gaming Commission, American Legion Archie Hay Post 24, Knights of Columbus Frank Plemel Council 2441 and a proud Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

I look forward to earning your support and redeeming your confidence in me in the office of Sweetwater County Sheriff. For more information please visit our campaign website at

Joe Barbuto, Democrat, for Sweetwater County Treasurer – Incumbent

Until last year, being Sweetwater County Treasurer was not something I considered or aspired to – in fact, it never even crossed my mind as a possibility. But, as is often the case, life put me in a position where the situation, timing, and encouragement were right to include my name in consideration for the job when it became vacant in 2021. It was not a decision I came to lightly, but one that has turned out to be among the best I’ve made. As it turns out, I love the work and am good at the job.

My combined experience as a legislator, a compliance consultant, and background in organizational development provided me with a solid foundation from which to begin my tenure as Sweetwater County Treasurer. From day one, I was able to hit the ground running and am pleased with the progress our office has made over the last twelve months. One of my primary goals was to ensure a successful leadership transition; not only has that occurred, but I’ve been able to forge a robust and productive relationship with my colleagues that has maintained a positive and professional working environment. I have tremendous respect and admiration for the Treasurer’s Office staff and our coworkers throughout the county courthouse.

Among our accomplishments in 2021 and 2022, we’ve implemented the most substantial changes to mineral production tax collection in Wyoming for several decades in a way that did not cause any disruptions or pauses in the services provided by our office, adopted a more outward-facing approach to communication, rebuilt our investment portfolio, worked to collect long-delinquent personal property taxes, and reviewed our office’s processes and utilization of available technology.

Being Sweetwater County Treasurer is not a part-time gig, easy gig, or retirement gig; it’s a full-time job that requires a person who will dedicate their entire professional life to the role as both a leader and team member. Some candidates want to make this race about politics. Frankly, any person asking you to vote for them because of the letter behind their name doesn’t understand the position or has no better reason for running. There’s no Democratic or Republican way to do the job.

It’s about service, and I’ve proven I can do the job and do it well. I look forward to the campaign ahead and encourage folks to check out our Facebook page, Barbuto for Treasurer, and visit

Stephen P. Allen, Republican, for Sweetwater County Treasurer

I am the husband of Rachele Unguren-Allen. We met at the University of Wyoming, married, and have resided in Sweetwater County for the past 33 years. We are grateful for our three children – Katherine (Registered Nurse), Nicholas (US Coast Guard), and Caroline Smalstig (Teacher) who is married to Russell. My children are fifth generation Sweetwater County residents.

At the University of Wyoming I graduated with a Bachelors in International Studies in Economics and a Masters in Business from the American Military University with Honors. I also spent four years as an adjunct professor at Western Wyoming Community College teaching Economics, International Business, Business, Marketing, and Management Courses.

As a 20 year veteran of the US Army Reserves I served in Military Intelligence, Combat Arms, Training, and Administration. I managed and directed over 1050 soldiers and received the US Army Commendation Medal for my service.

I have spent the past 30 years as a business professional in finance, banking, investments, and managing multiple corporate clients as a contracted employee and consultant in five western states. I have successfully turned around five other businesses that were not meeting revenue and financial goals, while managing companies employing 5-280 staff members. I also currently serve on the Wyoming Miner’s Hospital Board that manages over $100 million dollars in public funds.

More importantly I believe that, “The servant-leader is a servant first … and good leaders must first become good servants.” (Robert K. Greenleaf, 1998) “As Treasurer I serve all Sweetwater County Residents, the staff, commissioners, and all the agencies that receive funds from the public.” It is important that the Treasurer be a resource to everyone this position serves in providing quality forecasting and recommendations in the areas of finance, banking, and investments.

I also believe that all elected officials should serve their communities in order to stay connected with everyone they represent. I have been active in the communities of Green River, Rock Springs, Sweetwater County and the State of Wyoming. I have participated in multiple fraternal and civic organizations, chambers of commerce, several boards and committees, coaching youth, Boy Scouts, and special projects such as the Memorial to the Unborn and the 141st Tank Memorials.

The Treasurer’s Office deserves a qualified, experienced, and servant leader to support the quality staff and residents of Sweetwater County.

Mark Cowan, Republican, for Sweetwater County Treasurer

Mark is looking forward to participating in the election process, particularly the opportunity of public service in the Treasurer’s office. Mark Cowan stated, “Sweetwater County is an amazing place to live and work. If elected, I look forward to bringing my management experience and abilities to the Treasurer’s office.”

Mark and his wife Lindsay, along with daughters Bailey and Gracie, moved to Rock Springs in 2004. Since then, the family has been actively involved in the community, with both daughters attending schools and activities in Sweetwater County.

Mark Cowan started his working career as a financial services representative for New York Life in 1996, and founded his own insurance brokerage agency shortly after. He then spent several years in the hospitality industry as a corporate trainer. In 2007, Mark became a founding member of Radiant Manufacturing, a business located in Sweetwater County that provides displays and signage to businesses worldwide. In 2016, Mark and his business partners started Wash and Glow Car Wash. He is a partner in several other car washes, including Auto Spa Car Wash, Casper Wash and Glow, and other businesses throughout Wyoming. Cowan is currently serving on the May 15, 2022 Sweetwater County Economic Development Coalition and volunteers by donating printing and design work for several events and activities hosted throughout the county.

As a part of his campaign, Mark will be supporting activities throughout the summer in a series of events called “Treasure Our Sweetwater County.” These activities will show how great it is to recreate and live in Sweetwater County, and will encourage residents to get involved in the community. For more information and to follow along with the campaign, follow the Facebook page CowanForTreasurer or visit the website

Dave Divis, Republican, for Sweetwater County Assessor – Incumbent

Dear Sweetwater County,

I would like to announce my intent to run for re-election to the Office of Sweetwater County Assessor on the Republican ticket.

I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I am a permanently certified tax appraiser recognized by the Wyoming Department of Revenue and have over 400 hours of continuing education in the assessment field. I am currently serving as the President of the Wyoming County Assessors Association.

I have 31 years of experience in local government in Sweetwater County. I was hired as the Chief Deputy Assessor in 2012, appointed to fill out Pat Drinkle’s term in February of 2018, and then elected by the voters in November of 2018. It has been quite a journey that has given me experience in taxation and assessment that not many people have. I believe all of this experience allows me to sit down with a taxpayer and explain the entire cycle…from property valuation and assessment, to tax billing and distribution. I really enjoy helping taxpayers understand our valuation/taxation process.

The valuation numbers tabulated by the Assessor are scrutinized by the Wyoming Department of Revenue and the Wyoming State Board of Equalization on a yearly basis. The Assessor must comply with all statutory requirements for the mean, median, coefficient of dispersion, and price related differential. The Assessor must also be a permanently certified tax appraiser. Along with verifying the statistical requirements, the Wyoming Department of Revenue will audit assessment practices within the county each year to make sure each Assessor is compliant with IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers) standards and Department of Revenue rules. Our values have always been certified and our audits have always been clean.

In my tenure as the Sweetwater County Assessor, we have done more with less. In 2016 we had 10 full-time employees and now have 8 full-time and one part-time seasonal position. We have been able to leverage taxpayer dollars by using technology.

I believe I am the most qualified candidate for the position of Sweetwater County Assessor. I have been fiscally conservative in my tenure in the Assessor’s Office and have always been willing to sit down and explain the assessment process to the taxpayers of Sweetwater County. If elected, I will continue to operate the County Assessor’s Office in a respectful, efficient and transparent manner.

Please vote to ‘Keep Divis for Assessor”.

Perri Rubeck, Republican, for Sweetwater County Assessor

A Vote for Lifetime Republican Perri Rubeck is a Vote for the recognition of Land Rights!

The effect of the Land Grant Patent provides land owners

“Rights, Privileges, Immunities of WHATSOEVER Nature, to the Claimant the Successors, Heirs and Assigns FOREVER!”

Exercise the Right of living on Patented Land and Vote Perri Rubeck as Sweetwater County Assessor.

Pete Rust for Green River

Mayor – Incumbent

I have lived in Green River for over 40 years, moving to the area after serving in the U.S. Army and graduating college. I initially came to work for the U.S. Forest Service, and after serving in various positions in the community, retired after 17 years as the Director of Transportation for School District #1. I have served on numerous boards and commissions, two previous terms on the City Council, and am finishing my second term as Mayor.

The opportunity to work with a great team of committed and highly qualified individuals to generate ideas, create innovation, and develop a better place to live, work and play has motivated me to seek reelection as Mayor of the City of Green River.

Despite declining revenue, we have maintained a high level of services in the community and avoided layoffs, while making improvements to City infrastructure, programs, and services. We have been able to do this with a focus on utilizing federal and state funds when possible, thus reducing the direct burden on the tax payers of Green River.

Public safety is a major priority for me, and I am proud that levels of both violent and property crimes are half of what they were ten years ago thanks to the amazing work of the men and women in the Police Department. Our Fire Department is among the best in the state, and despite budgetary constraints they have made improvements to vehicles, equipment, and training.

Our Public Works Department has saved citizens $9 million by negotiating a lower interest rate on loans, and the Parks and Recreation Department was the 2020 National Gold Medal Award winner for excellence in parks and recreation management, a testament to the great work of the employees. 

We have also seen the addition of a number of small businesses to the community, and have continued city-wide events such as the Wednesday Farmers Market, Trunk-or-Treat, Art on the Green, and many others.

Over the next four years, planned industrial expansions, increasing local tourism, and new small businesses will create additional opportunities for our community. I am committed to asking for, and listening to citizen input to guide our City into the future, and completing the tasks we’ve begun.

I would ask for your vote, so that I may continue to serve this community, and work to make Green River an even better place to live, work and play.

Jon Fernandez for City of Green River City Council Ward I

I, Jon Fernandez am running for City Council Ward I seat because I care about the present and future in Green River.

I love living and working in Green River and I care about its future. It’s important to everyone here and myself. I strongly believe in maintaining what the city already has in current structures, streets, parks, and facilities.

My top three priorities are maintenance (taking care of what we already established and fixing streets, structures, facilities), Helping local Business (providing strong support for our local business owners, addressing concerns. I would like another grocery store in town, building a system to let locals work together), and Activities (in a small town it is important to have activities for everyone. Strongly support things to do for our seniors, and youth. Having activities where the community can come together).

I have an Associate’s Arts degree from Western Wyoming Community College also furthered my education through the University of Wyoming studying History and Spanish. I have a trades certificate from the Union Pacific Railroad Signal Training program.

I would like the public to know that I am motivated and committed to give a fresh perspective to represent the people of Green River. I really would like to help with all our citizens’ topics of concerns through the good and the challenging times we may face in the future. I’m a lifelong Sweetwater County resident that loves living and working in Green River. I worked for the City of Green River as a Facility and Parks Tech before leaving on good terms in 2019, then I transitioned to work for the Union Pacific Railroad as a local Signal Maintainer, a position, which I still hold today.

During my time working for the City of Green River, I was able to work and build relationships with all the departments the City has to offer. For the past few years I officiated football at the high school and middle schools based out of Sweetwater School District #2. I’ve taught community dance classes for the college and local studios in the past. I like to stay busy and I enjoy being involved.

I am an ordinary working citizen who is willing to learn, is always ambitious, with high energy and ready to serve the citizens of Green River.

Gary Killpack for Green River City Council Ward III

My investment in the community dates back to 1961, when I moved to Green River. After graduating from GRHS, my wife Barbara and I decided to raise our nine children in this community. We have watched Green River grow from 3,500 residents to right at 12,000.

Giving back to the community was a key to my business success for 35 years in my financial services business. I spent 18 years as a little league baseball coach. I also coached youth basketball, spent many years as a certified basketball referee, was part of the establishment of the Green River Hall of Fame, was the major and only fund raiser for the Wolves bronze statue at Green River High School, served on many school committees for budget, the pool bond issue, and hiring coaches, principals, school district superintendent, and served on the joint powers water board.

Having served on the Green River City Council for the past 8 years, we have had many successes. One is when the City was faced with a difficult decision on solid waste. The citizens were facing a huge increase in cost when the federal government forced the closure of the landfill. Residents were looking at a $50 dollar a month garbage rate with one can. To keep the rates as low as possible we went with a private company that charges $33 a month and offers 3 cans with curb-side recycling, garbage, and yard waste.

Budget management has been very difficult these past several years. The City’s revenue has dropped 24% the last two years. My experience and steady hand has allowed the community to keep our dedicated staff and trim only through attrition during the biggest financial and social challenge that many of us have ever encountered.

As a Community, we are facing critical needs for infrastructure, streets, and a wastewater treatment plant that is years past it’s useful life. One of the downsides to lower revenues is finding funds for infrastructure and city services. When our revenue increases, which we are trending upwards, we can tackle our street and infrastructure needs. I look forward to being part of the solution to getting our streets and infrastructure back in order.

I have the experience that is needed to move the City of Green River forward. Now more than ever the City needs experience on the Council. The tough times are not over. A steady hand, understanding of the budget process, understanding how government governs our City, and a unified Council working together is needed now more than ever. My experience provides that!!!

I’m asking the voters to re-elect me to represent Ward III and the entire City. Let us all remember to SEE THE GOOD IN GREEN RIVER as we move forward during these tough times.

Thank you for your support.

Jennifer James, Republican, for House Representative House District 60

I am Jennifer James, owner of a non-profit healthcare training company. I am running because I am a robust conservative Republican (registered in 2016) who is dedicated to serving the People. I have much experience in Wyoming policy, having been employed by two state agencies. I’ve had multiple successes relating to the creation of state policies and wish to bring my ideas and experience to the Wyoming Legislature. I would like to see deliberate decision-making in the legislative body. I have a Doctoral degree in Nursing Systems, as well as a Master’s Degree in Health Law. I currently attend Harvard University post-graduate certificate in Public Policy Design and Innovation.  I am passionate about evidence-based processes.  I look forward to utilizing science, not opinions when creating common sense laws for Wyoming and the people of Sweetwater County.

I am strong in healthcare policy and I hope to be placed on the Labor Health and Social Services Committee where my educational background and formal knowledge support decision-making processes. Many are concerned with problems in our education system. I have been evaluating our school safety processes and have met with Sweetwater District 2 leaders. I have been attending Board of Trustee meetings so I can understand local issues and decide if a bill draft might be needed next session.

I hope my constituents will place their trust in me and my abilities to make sound decisions for District 60. I plan on creating a website that will host multiple forms of communication efforts; weekly live discussions, YouTube videos, newsletters, blogs, etc. I want to be able to reach out to the people I represent in all manners so we can communicate their ideas, concerns, and needs for Green River. I hope to establish a neighborhood “task force” of staunch Republicans and precinct leaders whom I can call at a moment’s notice when I’m tasked with a tough decision. I want to be certain to not vote by my own opinion, but by the desires of my members as led by our platform.

I promise to follow the United States and Wyoming Constitutions, first and foremost. I am a staunch Republican and support the platform voted upon by Wyoming Republicans. I plan to step forward on issues important to my community members including the 2nd amendment, the fight for life, education systems, smaller government, free market, continued religious freedoms, and diligent healthcare policies.

Tom James, Republican, for State Senator District 13

I am running for re-election in Senate District 13

I am a Republican

I believe I am the best person for this position because:

I am  #1 In The State Senate For Conservative Voting Records

I Have Brought Legislation Which Puts Power In The People’s


and I Have Honored All Of My Previous Campaign Promises

I Ask For Your Vote On August 16th So I May Continue Fighting For Your Freedoms

Leesa Kuhlmann, Democrat, for State Senator District 13

Leesa Kuhlmann wants to bring balance to Wyoming’s state government, which is why she’s running for election to Senate District 13.

“The only way you can make change is to get involved,” Kuhlmann said. “And I think Wyoming needs a change.”

Should she be elected, Kuhlmann’s biggest goal is to bring balance to Wyoming’s Senate by offering new perspectives and ideas on solving problems.

“It’s time to make sure that we have people in [government] that have differing opinions and can have civil dialogue,” Kuhlmann said. “If we just have one party, options get closed, and we only see a very narrow direction that we’re heading. I want to open that and give us some more options.”

Specific issues Kuhlmann hopes to focus on include expanding Medicare, increasing and diversifying economic development, and supporting education funding.

“I feel like we have an obligation to take care of those that are less fortunate than ourselves,” Kuhlmann said.

She believes expanding Medicare is one of the best options for helping people who are struggling throughout the state, particularly since it would use federal funds that are freely available.

Another area Kuhlmann would like to see expand is economic development in Wyoming, especially locally.

“I really want to be an advocate for Sweetwater County,” she said. “I feel like sometimes we get left behind.”

Kuhlmann believes the county has a lot to offer, especially in the realms of tourism and industry, as well as potential for more growth. She’d also like to see infrastructure be fortified and alternative energy solutions explored.

Along with economic growth, Kuhlmann hopes to bring more quality, sustainable jobs to Wyoming. She is concerned for young people who leave the state to find work, and hopes to give them more opportunities to stay here to provide for themselves and their families and be part of the community.

Many of the issues Kuhlmann cares about are ones she believes are important to the people of Wyoming. Most people in Wyoming are supportive of both Medicare expansion and diverse economic growth, she said. And when it comes down to it, she wants to support what the people of Wyoming want.

“I would like to be an advocate for my constituents and listen to them,” she said.

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