Gun Rights

By Chris Pearson, Spring Valley

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November 24, 2022 (Spring Valley) — Republicans support guys with guns because they hide behind the 2nd Amendment and cower before the NRA. They support criminals who are murdering our kids and neighbors. The GOP has gone soft on crime. That has to change.  We have an epidemic of gun crimes in the United States right now. It needs to stop.  We need solutions, not politics.  

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Democrats support an assault weapon ban, red flag laws, and background checks.  What about Republicans?  What do you propose to stop guys with guns murdering our kids and neighbors? If not a ban, how about keeping assault weapons in an armory or at a gun range locked up? Background checks? Waiting periods? Red flag laws?  What?  Bullets don’t ask what political party you belong to before they crash into you.  Ask those folks in Vegas, or Colorado, or Virginia, or Florida, or…

It’s time for the GOP to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.  C’mon, step up.  Too many of our kids and neighbors are dying at the hands of criminals using guns to shoot up schools, stores, concerts, and nightclubs. It’s time to stop. We can do this.  Everything is on the table. Work it out. Get it done. We need results, not talking points.

P.S. If guys with guns really want to shoot people, go to the Ukraine and shoot Russians.

P.P.S.  It’s time for online platforms to be held accountable for the lies they publish.  It’s no different than running into a crowded theater and falsely yelling “Fire!”

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