Top 10 Fears in America 2022 : Prepper School Vol. 50

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Top 10 Fears in America 2022 :Prepper School Vol 50:
Chapman University Survey 9th year

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1. Corrupt Govt officials 62.1%
2. Love ones becoming seriously ill 60.2 %
3. Russia : Nuclear War 59.6%
4. Love ones dying 58.1%
5. World War 56%
6. Drinking water Pollution 54.5%
7. Not enough money for the future 53.7%
8. Financial collapse 53.7%
9. Pollution of oceans, rivers, lakes 10.Biological Warfare 51.5%

5 main topics
Govt corruption
Loved ones

Not top 10
Climate change
Gun control
Mass shootings
Overthrow of the Govt

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