Hawaii: House Finance Hearing Carry Restriction Bill

Gun Rights

Today, starting at 3:30PM, the House Finance Committee will hear House Bill 984, to attempt to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling from last year that affirmed the right-to-carry. Please consider submitting testimony AGAINST HB 984 through the Hawaii Legislative website. For help creating an account and submitting testimony, click here.

House Bill 984 greatly restricts the right-to-carry in Hawaii. It massively expands “gun-free zones” where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless and also prohibits carrying firearms on private property unless the owner gives affirmative permission. It also creates new subjective criteria for the issuance of carry permits to allow authorities to arbitrarily deny applicants.

In addition, House Bill 426 is now eligible for a floor vote in the House. This bill aims to undermine the PLCAA and subject licensed firearm manufacturers and sellers to frivolous lawsuits brought to recover damages for the criminal misuse of their products in order to bankrupt them. It contains vague language regarding what is considered unacceptable conduct of business subject to these lawsuits. Please contact your state representative and ask them to OPPOSE HB 426.

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