Tucker Just Saying Trans People Going To GET ALL THE GUNS AND MURDER YOU

Gun Rights

Tucker Carlson wanted to talk about guns last night. Tucker has well-known masculinity issues and feels very threatened by LGBTQ+ people.

Mix those together in a bucket, why dontcha! And Tucker did. Good LORD.

His monologue was about how “The Democratic Party believes owning a gun is too much autonomy for you.” (LOL.)

He sprinkled in other shit too, of course. He said people who support Ukraine are just conformists who think they specialize in “Eastern European border disputes.” (By the way, that was the eighth sentence of his monologue. That’s how long it took him to lick Vladimir Putin’s taint and spread Russian propaganda in a monologue that wasn’t even about Russia and Ukraine. He got back to Ukraine at the end. Handy bookends! Wonder if that’s by design.)

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And of course he claimed early and often that Democrats want to take your guns, just because they’d like to maybe ban the AR-15s that every white mass shooter seems to be able to get out of a vending machine. Gotta keep the white supremacist viewers scared!

But then it took a turn. A real weird turn.

It turns out that because of the disturbing rise in anti-LGBTQ+ hatred and violence — helpfully nudged on by people like Tucker and the sort of vile trash he invites on his show — LGBTQ+ people are arming themselves more, for protection. He heard about it on NPR. And he thinks there’s a double standard here, because on one side, the libs are COMIN’ TO GRAB YER PERNIS GUNS! But also LGBTQ+ people are arming themselves against morons who both hate LGBTQ+ people and also think the libs are COMIN’ TO GRAB YER PERNIS GUNS!

“Guns are bad except in the hands of trans people. Wow!” said Tucker. He continued:

“The world is dangerous. You have to be dangerous back.” Is that a quote from an FBI indictment of the Proud Boys? No, it’s from an NPR segment. At this point, it’s hard to tell the difference, and the lip-smacking NPR reporters just say it without any sense of self-awareness at all.

Oh yes, it’s NPR that doesn’t have self-awareness. Go on.

What is going on here? Well, you know what’s going on here is that NPR has decided that guns are bad, except when the enforcers of its ideology have guns. You can’t have guns, but faithful servants of the Democratic Party can. That makes sense because like all totalitarians, they want a monopoly on force, right? So, debate ends at that point when one side has all the firearms. You don’t have to argue. You say, well, you can’t change your sex. “Shut up, bigot. Bang, bang!”

Cool, he’s telling his excitable pantshitting white supremacist viewers that trans people are going to murder them once they have all the guns. Does claiming trans people are going to kill his viewers count as inciting violence? We are just curious.

And look: We know Tucker willingly and knowingly lies to his viewers, because we’ve read it in texts and emails released from that Dominion lawsuit. But his viewers are dumbasses who don’t know that. That’s why he gets away with lying to them.

Tucker talked about a trans person WHO SHOT A COP before they took their own life, and he quoted some “research” from grifter troll Andy Ngo to suggest there really isn’t any problem with violence against trans people. (You can google that. But that’s yet another thing his viewers are too stupid to do.)

Then he got back to the trans people who are arming themselves, specifically a group in New England that’s trying to protect itself from a neo-Nazi group that targets trans people.

What you’re watching here is not the exercise of the Second Amendment. What you’re watching here is political hysteria, fear ginned up on purpose with maximum dishonesty in order to get people in a state of agitation, armed people in a state of agitation — doesn’t matter if they’re trans or not, whatever that is.

How is that different from the exercise of the Second Amendment practiced by the NRA and the Republicans who spend their lives in backrooms giving it head? Oh wait, is it somehow just fine when it’s white supremacist conservative dudes who at least present in public as heterosexuals getting ginned up and agitated? Is Tucker fine with that?

TUCKER: It’s the same template always: Scare the crap out of your voters, tell them that their lives are at risk, encourage them to get guns. How do you think that ends?

Dunno, let’s google “Great Replacement Theory” and “mass shootings” and find out. Whoa! Why do some of these Google results have Tucker Carlson’s name in them?

And what was Tucker saying about NPR’s lack of self-awareness?

TUCKER: But by the way, if we’re following the logic here, and why not, that’s in short supply in this country, you have to kind of wonder, like, what’s the limit to this?

Russian propaganda bookend incoming.

TUCKER: So, if trans people are in fear for their lives in every region of the country, including New England, which apparently is crawling with Nazis now, why wouldn’t we be arming them as we are, say, Ukraine’s trans army?

Ukraine’s trans army.

TUCKER: There are famously trans people in Ukraine’s army. They’re very, very proud of that. So, why stop with AR-15s? I mean, why not F-35s or tanks?

Yeah! Could be cool!

So anyway, that is how Tucker incited his pantshitting bigot viewers last night.

He ended his monologue by dead-naming trans Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine, because of course he did, and by saying there’s “some weird affirmative action program going on” and oh fuck it, go read the rest if you want to.

It’s so goddamned demented.

[Fox News]

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