Letters: Another school shooting, and nothing will be done about it

Gun Rights

I’m sure the latest school shooting in Nashville will come and go, with nothing done about it in Congress. Why, do you ask? Because the wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA, known as the Republican Party, will make sure that no commonsense gun legislation, like banning weapons of war, such as the AR-15, will be passed. They are totally subservient to the NRA lobbyists, who donate massive amounts of money to GOP candidates, so that gun manufacturers can continue to make huge profits from their blood-money products.

The AR-15 was designed to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible in the shortest amount of time, not to mow down innocent children in a school. The round from this weapon inflicts massive wounds to vital organs as it tumbles and rips through a human body, leaving a huge, gaping wound as it exits. There is absolutely no reason for any civilians to possess such a mortally wounding killing machine, that has a 30-round magazine, so the killers don’t waste any time reloading, enabling them to murder as many humans as possible, per magazine.

A vast majority of Americans want these weapons permanently banned, but Republicans repeatedly choose getting huge donations from donors over saving children’s lives. It will take years of voting out these morally corrupt politicians in order to make our schools, and the public, in general, safer in this sad shooting gallery called America.

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Mel Shuller, Montgomery

Transgender people deserve same rights at anyone else

March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility – a day dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of the discrimination faced by them and their amazing contributions around the world. The operative word is “people.” A person who identifies as transgender is no less a person than any other, and deserves the same visibility, rights and availability of medical care as anyone.

As an endocrinologist, I have cared for hundreds of transgender individuals. Attempts to limit care and opportunities by laws are short-sighted, harmful and ill-conceived. Francis M. Collins, Anderson Township

Xavier president didn’t cave to groupthink

Wow, an educator with an open mind and a desire to challenge students. What a refreshing attitude. Thank you, Xavier President Colleen Hanycz, for not caving to the faction that wants to keep Ohio Supreme Court Justice Joe Deters from assuming his volunteer role as a “justice in residence” at the college. Indeed, you said it best when you proclaimed that “a university can’t be a place of groupthink.” If more educators shared your perspective, we’d be sending well-rounded students out into the world instead of clones.

Sally Smithson, Erlanger

Radio host Lincoln ware a gift to Cincinnati

Regarding, “Celebrating 50 years on the airwaves,” (March 26): I thoroughly enjoyed the article by Kevin Aldridge, in Sunday’s Enquirer, about Lincoln Ware and his career. Lincoln Ware is truly a gift to the Queen City.

Cliff Woycke, Colerain Township

Dems bail out banks while East Palestine residents wait

The Democrat Party used to be called “the party of the people,” but times have definitely changed. The best and most recent example of this is that the Silicon Valley millionaires got a commitment of federal bailout money within days of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the connected New York-based Signature Bank, while at the same time the middle-class Americans in East Palestine have had to wait weeks for government aid in the midst of one of the worst environmental disasters in recent U.S. history. Is it cynical to suggest that if you poured millions of dollars into a presidential campaign as the tech giants did, that you should expect a favor in return?

John Revere, Fairfield

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