Nevada: Joint Judiciary Committee Hearing on Anti-Gun Bills

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, at 2:00PM, the Judiciary Committees of both chambers will hold a joint hearing on three anti-gun bills. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are invited to submit opinions AGAINST Assembly Bills 354 and 355, as well as Senate Bill 171. Click here to submit an opinion or create a Nevada Legislature Account.

Please also contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE these bills.                                                                                      

Assembly Bill 354 bans possessing firearms within 100yds of polling places and redefines firearm frames and receivers. This legislation lacks any intent to disrupt the election process. A person could potentially face criminal penalties for simply traversing within one football field of a polling place, which, as defined, includes ballot drop boxes. 

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Assembly Bill 355 discriminates against adults 18-20 years old, and further denies them their Second Amendment rights, by prohibiting them from possessing semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. In addition, it also requires gun owners to lock up their semi-automatic long guns to prevent those under the age of 21 years from accessing them, or face criminal penalties. 

Senate Bill 171 expands Nevada’s prohibited persons categories for certain misdemeanor crimes. 

Again, please submit an opinion and contact committee members to OPPOSE these bills.

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