South Carolina Constitutional Carry Bill Amended to NRA-Backed Language

Gun Rights

Yesterday, April 5th, a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee amended Senate Bill 109 to address the NRA’s concerns and adopt our preferred language. After amending the legislation, the subcommittee reported out S. 109 to the full Senate Judiciary Committee on a 3-2 vote.

This bill recognizes the fundamental right of law-abiding adults to carry firearms for self-defense without having to navigate burdensome government regulations. Constitutional Carry does not change the criteria for eligibility to obtain a carry permit, nor does it affect previously issued permits. It also allows citizens who wish to obtain a permit for the purpose of carrying in other states recognizing South Carolina’s permits, to do so.

With this subcommittee action, there are now two NRA-backed Constitutional Carry bills going through the legislative process, both currently in the Senate. Your NRA-ILA will keep you posted on this critical legislative initiative to make South Carolina the 27th Constitutional Carry state, and how you can continue to make a difference.​

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