Alaska: House State Affairs Committee Hearing Emergency Powers Bill

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, starting at 3:00PM, the House State Affairs Committee will hear House Bill 61, to ensure that Second Amendment rights remain protected for Alaskans during emergencies. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are invited to sign-up to testify in support of HB 61 and testify by teleconference (toll free) for the hearing: 1 (844) 586-9085. Click here for instructions on testifying by teleconference.

Please also contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT HB 61.

House Bill 61 prohibits state and local government entities from closing lawful firearm businesses or restricting an individual’s access to firearms, ammunition, and component parts during declared states of emergency, unless such closures and limitations apply to all forms of commerce equally. This prevents anti-gun officials from interfering with Second Amendment rights under the guise of a declared emergency, when citizens need them the most. Further, the bill provides legal recourse for people who experience unjust infringements on these essential rights.

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Again, please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT HB 61.

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