‘Louisville, You’re It’: Thoughts On Louisville’s Mass Shooting

Gun Rights

It’s Monday, April 10, press day for LEO, and today in Louisville we began our day with the news of an active shooter. Not even five miles from our staff offices, five people (at press time) that we might know or be connected to in some way are dead, and at least six more are in the hospital with their conditions unknown. Louisville is too small a city for this not to touch all of us. 

It’s a terrible game of tag that we play in this country. Today, Louisville is it. 

How does America continue to rationalize the casualties of this war? We don’t even let the bodies of one mass shooting get cold before we’re off to the next, and then the next round of political posturing, to, ultimately, not do a fucking thing to change or prevent it.
We’re pawns in a political game — and you know what? We have no one to blame but ourselves. We do not have to tolerate it, we don’t, but we do.
The Second Amendment was created to protect us from tyranny, yet we’ve let our bullets become the weapons of the tyrant. We shoot each other in the streets, en masse, and cry to the tyrant to make the change while they peddle the nonsense that keeps gun manufacturers lining their pockets with green. “It isn’t the gun. It’s the person.” And the “person” is armed to the teeth with weaponry and full up on the ideology that the gun is how we solve problems in Amerikkka because politicians say it’s okay and celebrities shoot beer cans on social media. 

The brainwashed minions of these politicians are on the internet right now, as I type, deflecting blame to Democratic mayors, crime in Chicago streets, and Black gun violence, when none of these things bears any direct relation to this event — but ignorance is a virus that spreads like dandelion seeds. 

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As we find ourselves, yet again, in mourning, asking each other why and wondering if and when this will ever stop, politicians stroll casually by the rivers of American blood, counting their special interest dollars and planning their next tropical vacations as they sell away our families and our safety. 

Just know that they won’t change until we make them change. Just as these new families today will join a club they never wanted to be a part of where they will cry until their chests cave in from grief and lose sleep, each politician in the statehouses around this nation should never have a peaceful day until something happens, and until Americans aren’t the price for their luxury. 

Elaine and I are devastated by the news coming out of Louisville this morning. Thank you to LMPD and our first responders for your bravery at the scene. We send our prayers to the victims, their families, and the city of Louisville as we await more information,” tweeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Louisville resident and National Rifle Association darling to the tune of over $1.2 million.

McConnell’s fellow Republican Rand Paul, though somewhat less popular with the NRA, sends his thoughts and prayers: “Kelley and I are praying for everyone involved in the deadly shooting in downtown Louisville this morning. Our hearts break for the families of those lost.”

Thomas Massie, the other Republican congressman in the state, is tweeting about abortion and has offered nothing to his home state from his official Twitter page about this tragedy. 

Kentucky Republicans have offered little to no help in controlling the escalating gun violence in America, much less in their own state, and here we are again, another tragedy with only their “thoughts and prayers” or silence. 

Democratic officials of the state have had more substantial words and actions as this tragedy has unfolded. U.S. Representative Morgan McGarvey spoke with local news at some length about the shooting and said he will be coming home to Louisville to be with his city and help with resources. Governor Andy Beshear came to the city after the event and will work on the ground in Louisville in the aftermath of the shooting. Beshear told the media during his press conference this morning that he had lost close friends in the shooting. Everyone here is affected and will be affected by this loss. 

Louisville, we love you so very much and we are hurting with you. 

Not a lot else to say for America. As a country, we’re a fucking embarrassment.

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