Montana: Enhanced Permit Bill on 2nd Reading in Senate

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, the Senate may take up House Bill 674 on second reading, to create an optional, enhanced carry permit. Please contact your state senator and ask them to SUPPORT HB 674.

House Bill 674 creates the option of an enhanced carry permit. While Montana is fortunate to have constitutional carry, many Montanans still choose to get a carry permit to take advantage of reciprocity or recognition allowing them to exercise their right-to-carry when visiting other states; but not all states accept Montana’s permit. The enhanced permit will be eligible for reciprocity with Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington, on top of the 35 states that already recognize the regular permit. Nothing in this bill affects the original permit, which will continue to remain an option, or Montana’s constitutional carry.

Again, please contact your state senator and ask them to SUPPORT HB 674.

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